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January 14, 2008

All work and no Stash is Bad

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I may not be stitching anything but that does not mean I should not be shopping aka stashing. So for my final 2007 shop and keep, I went over to Laurel Stitchery and got myself these wonderful, wonderful treats. The bunny is for Adam.

I got the Monica Ferris book. 3 stories in 1 book, an SB design = Elisabeth Stocking. And LHN chart.

As you can see, Adam is delighted with his gift althought I would have preferred a blue coloured rabbit to a pink one.

Cheers to Everyone and happy stitching. A Good Start to a Brand New Year!!


August 15, 2007

PC DMC Patterns

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I bought this cd-rom that is full of loveliest charts on it. Not much…only 100 but lovely patterns in there.

July 20, 2007

Carrie’s Creations Threads Haul

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Enough of moping around from the latest SBQ’s….let’s post something cheerful. Look at my latest thread haul from BJ. Carries Creations Threads. They are rough to touch but feels alive in my hand. I got 6 Jellyfish to stitched for Cheryl’s Bouquet. And some extra threads…just in case… 😉

L to R : 1=Desert Bloom, 1= Wildfire, 2= Sunburst, 1 = Tropical, 1=Tie Dye, 6 Jellyfish.

When I’ve lined them all up…they all look identical…Sheesh…something is seriously wrong with my eyes. Oh well. Have a great weekend everyone!!


July 21, 2006

Back Here with Stash

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I don’t wish to activate this site but judging by the fact that my site would be down for awhile and do not know when it would be up again. (Server problem)

I had completely forgotten this purchase. I bought it off Ebay at US$2.25. It’s TW English Cottage Sampler and TW English Garden Sampler. I’ve a thing for sampler. It all started off from Brenda Keyes book of Sampler which I had came across at the local library.

Remember this one…I call it my first mini cum coaster sampler. Well what defines a Sampler? While I embark on a journey in discovering more about sampler….I leave you ladies/men = lots to your morning coffee and morning stitches. I wouldn’t mind a link to point me to the right direction though. Have a great start to a brand new day and have a good weekend. I’m working tomorrow… 😦

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