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June 24, 2009

240609 Naming a Baby = Cow?

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Thank you to all the loveliest comments. Family bonding in indeed important. I’ve thought on a whole long list of baby names…eversince I found out that I was pregnant but it was all girl names…well I can always hope that this time it’s going to be a girl. Alas the sonographer decided to burst my bubble and God have other plans for me. It is going to be a baby boy. His going to have the name that I picked for him, the name his dad picked for him and dad’s name plus dad’s family name…so it is going to be super long. 2 days ago…husband and wife had a fight on names…as now the grandparents (on husband side) decided to give names too. I am stressed out. The name it is long enough without additional 2 added to it. If woman is really emotional and crazy….the moment she deliver…she is going straight to immigration and register his name (of course the one that I picked) and just his dad’s name. Why are we traumatizing the baby with lengthy names? Maybe I just abbreviated his name…so he is going to be M.O.O.O.M.O. now that is going to sounds like I am given birth to a cow.

When you decided to marry out of your circle, things can get tough at times as the culture, customs, traditions, history is different…for everything, we have to agree on something after strangling on each other’s throat first.

Adam is bonding really well with his stepfather. First time I saw last night that he ate from his hands. It’s a big thing for me considering that Adam is still young. There was never a father figure in his life. Just his grandmother and me. I do not know if he knows that he is his father and not someone that is going to stay with him temporarily only. In due times, we would know.

Another checkup with KKH due on 29th June. That’s to check if I have gestational diabetes and this time husband coming along for his full blood count test on Thalassemia. I just hope he have the patience as seeing the doctor took 2-3hrs when they only check on you for 5mins. That’s what happen when you pay subsidised rate.


June 19, 2009

7 months & Counting

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I admitted that I am hopeless at blogging now that I am back to working in front of 3 bosses. Should I get internet connection at home. I have been thinking of that for the past year. All my lame excuses was that I need to spend more time with Adam and his studies. Now that I am nearly about to ‘pop’ my another excuse was I need rest, sleep and just massage. All this internet thingy wingy is just making me tired.

Well it does makes me tired after seating down at a marble chair that is flat and have no massaging device installed to it. It has make my butt numb, thus leading to my spine being sore from seating up straight for too long.

Another lame excuse just came up, I need time now to bond with the new baby…so internet thingy wingy would have to wait for few more months…maybe years..just maybe another year. As all that surfing and reminding me to seriously unpacked my boxes that I had stocked since November last year. Reminding me of all the stashes that I bought over a period of 2003 till 2008, awaiting to be stitched…or some to be completed. I have one sampler that is meant for someone (family) that still waiting to be completed after 6yrs delay. Looks like it is going Pregnant in June 05to be further delay.

I leave you with new me. I chopped off my hair. I am fully experiencing the pregnancy torture chamber. Breakouts, oily scalp, oily face, expanded nose, forever aching back, stuck baby in pelvis. Bloated, swollen feet and thighs. Kids stare at my feet as though I am some kind of mutated species. The swollen feet looks like dumplings ready to burst at seams. I walked like penguin.None of my clothes fit me…I have resorted to making more bigger sized skirts to fit me thru. Cant buy any maternity clothes, its like gold. Freaking expensive for just few months torture. 2 days shy from 7months pregnant. Yes, I complaint but I am enjoying every pain moment each time the baby turns and turns. No, he (Yes! It’s a Boy) He don’t swim but he turns constantly. No fixed timing. morning, daytime and nighttime. After I have eaten, feeling hungry. He only kicks me, to remind me that I need to go for toilet breaks.

June 4, 2009

030609 – 6Months 1Week 6 Days Trip to KKH

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Another trip to KKH yesterday. The appointment was at 2.45pm. Since I knocked off during lunchtime. I had reached there around 1pm and decided to fill my tummy first after I have plenty of time before I am due. I decided to eat the Mee Rebus at the Kopitiam. It costs $3.00. The gravy was thicken with too much of cornstarch and it tasted sweet instead. And here I thought, food in hospital should be better prepared. Luckily, the chilli paste was the one that saves me from hurling the bowl of noodles back to the vendor. I had stocked with ample of chilli to burn my tongue to the point of I could feel the spicy taste of chilli rather than the sweet taste of the gravy.

After my extremely slow lunch…I decided to head down to Clinic C but along the way I saw that they were showing ‘The Price is Right” at Clinic B. Therefore, I stopped and watch until 2pm before I decided to present my appointment booklet. As usual, I needed to do my weight, urine and blood pressure checks. Normal urine test but blood pressure was on the high side of 136/86 done on manual, as the machine still cannot get a proper reading on my arms. And ho behold, I am down by 6.5kg. That is something cheerful to see.

After all that is done, I have to proceed to wait in the lounge for my number to be flashed on screen and doctor to look at me. The appointment was supposed to 2.45pm. The doctor saw me close to 4pm. I had already fallen asleep couple of times. I had to hear 2 foreign Indian women complained to the local Malay woman about their late in calling them for their supposed appointment at 3.20pm. She had arrived there, probably slightly earlier and had expected the doctor to see her on the appointed time. She was grumbling, flashing her eyes at the nurse. And asking, why she still had not been called and why the doctor insist on seeing others first. She even said that…what is the point of giving an appointed time if they have to wait. My point exactly but then…what should you expect…if you are paying subsidized rates and you expect to be served like a queen on golden platter.

Behind me, another young couples with the women’s sister along was talking and grumbling too. The boy had resorted to saying that the doctor’s are wasting their time by making them wait for so long. The woman keeps on saying that her stomach is in pain and she is going to faint. 1 hr passes by and she still has not fainted. Oh well/ So finally my turn…after all senses on my butt had failed, my number flashed. I do not bother knocking, as my butt in pain from all the waiting is more important than I be courteous to her. She asked me the usual questions. Any pain, bleeding, water discharge. I told her of my swollen feet. She had said…oh and told me to walked more and lift up my legs only. Then she told me that she was going to check the baby. Check the baby in that small room? Turns out that a corner, lays a small bed with retractable panel to lift up the leg.

I got up on the bed, the nurse applied gel and the doctor was figuring where to put that fetal Doppler over my tummy. After detecting the baby’s heartbeat…barely 1 min, the nurse declares that the baby is healthy and the doctor walks away, leaving the nurse to clean up the gel on my tummy. I asked her for my supply of Dopa and Obimin. All that is done in 5mins and I had to let my butt suffer for 2hrs.

Their lunch break would be over by 2pm and In between 2pm to 3pm, the doctor had seen only 2 patients of which both were Chinese and I even hear clearly that before they start the shifts that the nurse had discussed among themselves that one have to stationed with her as a translator. However, the way, the nurses expresses themselves…as though they have one quack doctor. My guess is she just passed out from Medical school as she needs the nurse to tell her that …oh ok…like that is all right…the heartbeat is normal. Barely even 1 min of putting that fetal doppler on my tummy.

Waited for my queue number to be flashed again but this time for payment. That is it for the visit. So I proceeded to the Kopitiam again as woman is feeling hungry and decided to go for the Indian rojak. I choose 5 items of 2 flour. It cost’s me $5.40. Quite decent but the gravy is sweet. They had like sago kind of thingy in the gravy. What is wrong with the food? Everything served with extra sugar. Are they panning of giving everyone diabetes to increase the ‘population’ in hospital.

So my next appointment would be on 29th June 2009. That would be in the morning as I am taking the Oral Glucose test. I am just wondering how am I supposed to down a cup of glucose when I complaint so much when there is sugar in my food.

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