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August 23, 2007

Gifts from Coral

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The gifts landed with a “THUD” on Tuesday evening…hehehe…well I wasn’t at home. Photobucket is having site maintenance…would update the pics once they are done. 

Thank you so much, Coral. Adam have used his 1 stitcker…have to restrict that boy or else he would sticks them all over the house. He stick the sticker on his word book..over a girl wearing shorts…saying that this way she is properly dressed. :shaking head:


August 17, 2007

Oopsie Daisy!! FAO 2nd sis

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Sorry to say that I would have to digged out the brown box…no idea where it is in my room. Once I locate the box…off it goes alrighties!!.

So while waiting…I thought I send this to you.

Oh you have to wait for it as I’m not telling you…bwahahaha

I hope DI, JM, HJ would enjoy it..and it is not belacan (fermented prawn paste)…Toodles

Have a great weekend EVERYONE!!!

Serging Fairytale came Alive

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When I received Barbara’s tote bag…I showed my mum her serged ends…Saying that is so cool and neat. Then before I can even blinked my eyes or really, really clean my ears…thought something might be wrong with it you see…like not functioning properly when she said that.

She said that I too can have my ends serged…just buy the machine. She even add that when I buy the machine I can do the baju kurung (Malay traditional dress) The words that I’ve been wanting to hear eversince she send me to learn how to sew when I was 17yrs old. 1 yr later…I plan to buy the serging machine. But how do I bring it home without being detected by mum when I know she would disapproves my spending habits. Can’t bring thru the bedroom window without being detected. As the windows is louvres. :-p

So the 13yrs wait is over. The machine have been safely bought (before she changed her mind) and now sitting (still in the box, I’ve removed the manual, cd and guarantee card only) in my room. I would meet up with the instructor on Saturday….learn how to serge…woohoo.

There you go my 3rd baby. 1st is my 9++yrs old sewing machine, 2nd my Little Terror and 3rd is this overlock machine.

It’s Brother Overlock machine model 3034D.

August 15, 2007

RAK from Barbara

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I’ve been RAK by Barbara. She sends me…well more like to my Little Terror. The moment I opened up the parcel….showed him the bag…he ran off with it before you can even say “wait one minute”.

I had to threaten him before he returns it back to get a few snaps. Oh, threaten that he would sleep outside the house…. 🙂

She added 2 lovely Carrie’s Creations Threads….dangerous woman…the colours is so beautiful and I’m sitting on the edge of threads temptations….lol

This is the lovely bag….aawwww……cute as a button. It certainly cheers my day up. Thank you so much Barbara ((virtual hugs))

PC DMC Patterns

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I bought this cd-rom that is full of loveliest charts on it. Not much…only 100 but lovely patterns in there.

August 14, 2007

Children Book Read – 02

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13/08/07 at 11:30pm

Reading at the moment – John Bellairs Mystery : The Letter, the Witch and the Ring

Short summary of the book : Rose Rita Pottinger is Lewis’s friend. Lewis off to a boy’s scout camp while Rose Rita refused to go to a girl’s scout camp. She thinks is too girly for her. She likes being a boy.

Just touch teens, she has difficulty adapting to girlhood with her tomboy identity.Loves baseball. Mrs Zimmerman received a letter from her dead cousin. Inherited the farm and were told by Jonathan to check on on the ring . So off they went, Mrs Zimmerman and Rose Rita.

The farm was wrecked and Mrs Zimmerman landed in hospital. Rose Rita met a new friend, Aggie. Uncovered the deadly Solomon Ring with a devil Asmodai to call upon to grant the wearer their biddings. A black dog incarnation that fooled me too.

Mrs Zimmerman was rescued when the spell were broken that was casted by an old friend of hers.  Rose Rita never get round to wishing for that ‘wish’

A good read and much better than the previous book.

Children Book Read – 01

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Start : 12/08/07 at 11:30pm

End : 13/08/07 at 8:30pm

Book Read : John Bellairs Mystery – The House With a Clock in Its Walls.

I’m reading children books as some of you can tell. Something less stressful for reading pleasure.

Short summary of the book :

Lewis Barnavelt lost his parents in a car accident. Came to live with his Uncle Jonathan who is a wizard. His neighbour Mrs Zimmerman who is a witch that keeps popping over to cooked for Jonathan.

Jonathan would sneaks out during midnight to stop the clocks, hoping to find that one clock that have been ticking away eversince he moved into the house that was owned by Old Izard and his wife Serenna Izard. A powerful but evil witches who wants to obiliterate the world.

Lewis and his friend Tarby, visited the grave on Halloween Night and unknowingly woke up the dead Serenna Izard. Strange things begin to happen. One night, Jonathan, Mrs Zimmerman and Lewis found the clock. Lewis smashed it and thus the world is save from destruction.

Remarks : Nothing fanciful or I should say interesting on the storyline. When Jonathan was trying to eclipse the moon….it was dead boring. Same goes when they thought of silliest way to find the clock. Very silly.

August 11, 2007

Add a Site HELP!!

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One thing to post before the weekend starts for me…How do I add other people site to mine? Thank you.


SBEBB Freebie Exchange to Marika

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I noticed on the SBEBB forum that Marika have received my exchange. I think that everyone should move to Finland as this is the fastest post ever to reach anyone even via registered mail. 🙂

I stitched Friendship Grows by Lizzie Kate. And made into a mini pillow. This is the side view of the stuffed pillow. As you can see, I really stuffed or over-stuffed the pillow….lol. It reminds me of the movie “Flubber”… squishy! It nearly never make it, as Little Terror was protesting to keep. Yikes!!

And the front view of the pillow. With 4 dark blue buttons at each corner. Maybe I should have choose a different coloured buttons….to give a more contrast….*shake heads* while muttering ‘aiyah’

The whole exchange that I send to Marika. Hope you’ll enjoy them. 🙂 Well I did not send the red scissor. In the exchange, I’ve included silver and pink ribbon, Carrie’s Creation Threads, L*K chart, blue fabric and a packet of round thingy…I don’t know what you call  but can string threads to them when you stitch it in place in needlebook.


August 10, 2007

One Word Quiz

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Snag this from Aniza’s site :  Just ONE WORD answer. Easy!

1. Where is your Cellphone? – Drawer

2. Relationship? – Dead

3. Your Hair? – Longer

4. Work? – Dreadful

5. Your sister? – Around

6 .Your favorite thing? – None

7. Your dream last night? – Sister

8. Your favorite drink? – Water

9. Your dream car? – Lamborghini

10. The room you’re in? – Office

11. Your shoes? – Gigantic

12. Your fears? – Crinkly

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? – Alive

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? – Son

15. What are you not good at? – Expressing

16. Muffin? – Chocolate

17. One of your wish list items? – Travel

18. Where you grew up? – Singapore

19. Last thing you did? – Swearing

20. What are you wearing? – Skirt

21. What aren’t you wearing? – Earrings

22. Your pet? – Begum

23. Your computer? – Compro

24. Your life? – Mess

25. Your mood? – Uninterested

26. Missing? – Father

27. What are you thinking about right now? – Bed

28. Your car? – None

29. Your kitchen? – Stocked

30. Your summer? – Cloudy

31. Your favorite colour? – Red

32. Last time you laughed? – Yesterday

33. Last time you cried? – Forgotten

34. School? – Soon

35. Love? – Adam

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