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October 1, 2007

Curvaceous Sarong Bag

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From one sarong, you can make 1 skirt, 1 wallet, 2 small yo-yos and 1 curvy bag. Not bad ah.

The bag is reversible. So it works both ways. This is the inner side of the bag. I’ve added the sarong and make 3 pockets. The sarong is interfaced. My handphone fits in snugged.

Inner side but the read side. I used red colour polyester fabric that feels like velvet. Since the fabric is quite thick/tough, I did not interfaced it.

And this is the outer side…front side. It is interfaced.

This is the outer side….back side.

This is me holding it…so can roughly see how small/big it is. The complete bag is 36.5cm by 27.7cm. My eldest sis asked if the contents would spilled out. NO, the contents would not spilled as the pockets are deep. And it is a hand-bag not haversack. Only items like handphone, keys, powder, comb, lip balm should be in there. You keep your Britannia Encylopedia at home. 🙂

A quick peek. And ready to be use.

The bag is still sitting in my drawer…all wrapped up in tissue paper.

Replies : Coral – Definitely have to do a 2nd one.

Emily – I guess it won’t hurt to have your purple bag comes with a purple purse ah.


September 27, 2007

Square Wallet To Go

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My birthday gift from eldest sis…died on me. It stays faithful for 2 years before its heart give way. So after several days of going to work without wallet. I decided to make one instead.

Not really well done, it could have been way, way, way make much better. I should interface the fabric. Used magnetic snaps. Add more pockets. Placed the zipper section in the middle. In short, I should really, really well-planned when making my square wallet.

This is the front view of the 2SQ wallet. Unknowingly, I stitched the straps onto the outer pocket thus making it un-usable. Silly me. Fabric is your typical Batik sarong that is worn by most Asians women. Due to bad planning, the zippered part ended on the top of wallet.

Inside view of it : Since I did not interface nor add batting….it feels kinda flimsy and drappy when I slot in my cards on bothsides. Note to add….need to add velcro to keep the card from falling off when you try to unzip the top portion for coins.

When closed, it is just 4.5 inch by 4inch. Closed with studs and hidden by buttons.

September 3, 2007

Serged Ends – 230807

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Imagine finally at 1:30am on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, I finally get my much needed sleep although I would have preferred to be awake. On Monday night, I was looking for that huge threads that you sticked at the back of overlock…don’t know what is the proper name for it. But couldn’t find them

So last night…I went digging. Found it and brought in the spare wooden dining table into my room. Yes, you read it correctly…dining table in common bedroom. On the round dining table….now..sits my sewing machine and the overlock machine Along with 2 boxes of fabrics. And I sit on my bed to sew…hehehe…good isn’t it…I would see the 2 of them…the moment I wake up in the morning.

The overlock threads were given to my mum from our 14th storey neighbour. I had kept it for years. That one day finally came.

My first serged ends…woohoo. I have no idea that it is so simple and very fast too. It went like a breeze and I’m done. 3 threads to serge and 4 threads to serge and stitch. I think 4 threads is better as I can serged both ends of 2 fabrics plus stitch closed at same time. My trial piece as I don’t want to damage any fabric before I learn how to serged correctly.

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