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December 16, 2009

Busy with Facebook instead.

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Nowadays I spend most of time on the internet on Facebook. Here am I and here. So do add me on. Currently I am playing Farmville, Café’s World, Farm Town and Country Life. It’s very hectic as a result of my addiction, I have created another account. So as you can guess…that means I have another set of games (total 8). I used both accounts to send gifts to me and additional neighbours. I have to admit I am addicted. But ever since the server slows down and the games does not goes as fast as I want them to be, I am slowly losing interest. I might just remove the games. Instead I decided to take a step back and not chase myself with the games and over-play it too much. I spend time decorating them instead and I still send gifts to my other neighbours and myself. But try not to get tired of it at the same time. Amidst all the games addiction, I am busy reading…or should I say fiercely reading books by Debbie Macomber. I happen to chance upon her when I was browsing at my local library for something new to read.

I had finished Laura Childs and Monica Ferris books collection or whatever I believe I could lay my hands on at the library. I even went to the extend of re-reading some of the books. They are delightful to read but I should really stop repetitive reading on all the books. How I wish I have a tea shop and sell all those scrumptious food that she described in her book (Laura Childs) and solved crimes at same time. Or own a craft shop (Monica Ferris). Isn’t that all crafters dream. To own a thriving shop. Generate money from your love of the crafts but alas as she described all the details in having a business, running them, generating profits with taxes and all the legal conditions thrown in, I am contented just to buy from those who operated such ‘complicated’ shop.

Back to Debbie Macomber. It’s the book jacket that caught my attention. Nice shop with cheerful pastel colour…it says Blossom Street (I don’t recall the whole title) and as I pick it up to read the inner contents…A lady was looking for a shop and saw that it looks the same like her dad’s bicycle shop…I am sold. The back cover said something about knitting. I figure since it’s a craft related story so why not give it a go. It’s more than a craft related book I soon discover. It’s like an almost real life story…touching, warmth and full of hopes. It actually bought tears to my eyes as I became deeply involved with the characters in the story. I believe some of us could relate it to. Not all the events but the emotions and the craziness at that point when they had actually felt it and why they are feeling in such a way. Debbie had written such lovely books that now I scoured for more. I’ve just finished Summer on Blossom Street ( I thought that was the 2nd book). I did not know there are 5 altogether. I am going to look for more. Simply wonderful and fully recommended by me.

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