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September 15, 2007

Gifts from Coral, Nik & Jean

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Finally the longest awaited pics that I was supposed to post but never get round to doing so. You can tell when I am posting = means boss is not around. *ching* *ching*

The beautiful Coeur book from Coral.

And Nik send me not one 1 but 3 hand-made cards that she make all by herself. I love the stickers that represented her logo. So cute!! I think she knows that I am bad at making cards or always forgotten to send cards with my exchanges…hee hee hee. The cards is so precious to give away now…

And the latest SANQ from Jean from her ONS.  It certainly makes me smile.

Thank you so much to all ladies!!


August 23, 2007

Gifts from Coral

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The gifts landed with a “THUD” on Tuesday evening…hehehe…well I wasn’t at home. Photobucket is having site maintenance…would update the pics once they are done. 

Thank you so much, Coral. Adam have used his 1 stitcker…have to restrict that boy or else he would sticks them all over the house. He stick the sticker on his word book..over a girl wearing shorts…saying that this way she is properly dressed. :shaking head:

August 15, 2007

RAK from Barbara

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I’ve been RAK by Barbara. She sends me…well more like to my Little Terror. The moment I opened up the parcel….showed him the bag…he ran off with it before you can even say “wait one minute”.

I had to threaten him before he returns it back to get a few snaps. Oh, threaten that he would sleep outside the house…. 🙂

She added 2 lovely Carrie’s Creations Threads….dangerous woman…the colours is so beautiful and I’m sitting on the edge of threads temptations….lol

This is the lovely bag….aawwww……cute as a button. It certainly cheers my day up. Thank you so much Barbara ((virtual hugs))

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