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September 26, 2007

Cross Stitch Collection – Pictures Only

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I bought 2 CSC as I like what I see on the inside of it. I know I would never get round to stitching them…with my slowness and easily distracted by other things.

Sweet looking lady :

Correct me if I am wrong…seems that this sampler keeps popping in other mags as well. If it does, I’ve been duped in buying repetitive design.

Oh, I only like the border…hehehe

Adam had quite a time finding the cat in this design…so cute!!


August 14, 2007

Children Book Read – 02

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13/08/07 at 11:30pm

Reading at the moment – John Bellairs Mystery : The Letter, the Witch and the Ring

Short summary of the book : Rose Rita Pottinger is Lewis’s friend. Lewis off to a boy’s scout camp while Rose Rita refused to go to a girl’s scout camp. She thinks is too girly for her. She likes being a boy.

Just touch teens, she has difficulty adapting to girlhood with her tomboy identity.Loves baseball. Mrs Zimmerman received a letter from her dead cousin. Inherited the farm and were told by Jonathan to check on on the ring . So off they went, Mrs Zimmerman and Rose Rita.

The farm was wrecked and Mrs Zimmerman landed in hospital. Rose Rita met a new friend, Aggie. Uncovered the deadly Solomon Ring with a devil Asmodai to call upon to grant the wearer their biddings. A black dog incarnation that fooled me too.

Mrs Zimmerman was rescued when the spell were broken that was casted by an old friend of hers.  Rose Rita never get round to wishing for that ‘wish’

A good read and much better than the previous book.

Children Book Read – 01

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Start : 12/08/07 at 11:30pm

End : 13/08/07 at 8:30pm

Book Read : John Bellairs Mystery – The House With a Clock in Its Walls.

I’m reading children books as some of you can tell. Something less stressful for reading pleasure.

Short summary of the book :

Lewis Barnavelt lost his parents in a car accident. Came to live with his Uncle Jonathan who is a wizard. His neighbour Mrs Zimmerman who is a witch that keeps popping over to cooked for Jonathan.

Jonathan would sneaks out during midnight to stop the clocks, hoping to find that one clock that have been ticking away eversince he moved into the house that was owned by Old Izard and his wife Serenna Izard. A powerful but evil witches who wants to obiliterate the world.

Lewis and his friend Tarby, visited the grave on Halloween Night and unknowingly woke up the dead Serenna Izard. Strange things begin to happen. One night, Jonathan, Mrs Zimmerman and Lewis found the clock. Lewis smashed it and thus the world is save from destruction.

Remarks : Nothing fanciful or I should say interesting on the storyline. When Jonathan was trying to eclipse the moon….it was dead boring. Same goes when they thought of silliest way to find the clock. Very silly.

August 6, 2007

French Wish List Cross Stitch Books

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I’ve decided…not going to buy any more mag…well maybe that JCS with 75 designs that is coming out later. So I scoured the net and more to be added later. I would like to have these books.

So anyone willing to part with theirs…drop me an email.

August 4, 2007

Pics from new Books

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While I was at Kinokuniya last night…I went to check out the magazines section. I saw the August or September edition…which looks like a Japanese kit but then stated as Oriental….anyway…those 3 are related (Korean included)

Sad to say….after the new look of Cross Stitcher…I’ve stopped buying the mag. It does not appeal to me any longer. Besides it really bothers/ticks/pissed me to collect all 26 issues of Margaret Sherry Alphabets when the rest of designs is on acceptable rating.

So here is the pics from my newly bought Chinese books :

The bag book on left and sock toy book on your right.

Inside look of the sock toy book :

Inside look of the bag book :

Adam had picked out what he wanted…he was more amazed than I am when I showed him the bag book….we were giggling away at the toy book after that. Would see what I can whipped up this Sunday. Need to stop by the cheap shop to pick up some socks too.

Have A Great Weekend Everyone….SERIOUSLY…A GREAT ONE!!! 🙂

July 21, 2007

Harry Potter 7 Spoilers Warnings

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Harry Potter did not die. The Dursleys died leaving Dudley. Someone got married in the end. Snape went to Azkaban.

There you go….I’ve spoilt everything…lol. But then I might be wrong…lol 😉

So go on…open the last page and tell me what really happens. I mean the 2 last pages. That’s what she always do…sum up everything on the last few pages.

July 18, 2007

Gifts from Emily

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Emily decided to empty her shelves of books and send these 3 to me along with the fabric that you see underneath it. Lovely, soft, fabric. She said it is used for Japanese embroidery. Don’t think I know any Japanese embroidery…would used them for cross-stitch instead.


More later.

*I know what you (Emily) would asked when I saw your post…hehe…in my hurry…I ‘ve forgotten to upload the pic.

Harry Potter 7

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I’m waiting anxioulsy for the released of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (book 7) Have to admit though, I would not be buying the book…more like borrowed the book from library. I think it cost more than S$40….and what would I do after I read it finish? Donate to library?

So while waiting in line (library huge and long waiting lists) I decided to read the whole of Harry Potters book again. But instead of reading them, I listened to them during office while working, listening and imagining at the same time. I must say…my imaginations is so much colourful than ever. And the reader voice is simply soothing and wonderful to listen too.

Update on my French lesson that I am learning on my own.

I’m at Excuse Me, Do you understand English/French. I don’t understand English/French. Little. Are you American. No, Sir. Yes Miss. – Lesson 1 of Pimsleur French.
Able to pronounce the THICK R that is like in everything. Interesting. Just 30mins a day.

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