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December 31, 2017

End of Year 2017

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Lo behold and the final day of 2017 and I decided to search for my blog and write something on it. So many things have happened…all has been good situations and I am grateful each day.

At a new job, boys is 14 and 8 years old this year. New year means only great things coming for me, my family, friends and of course Everyone.

Good People and Great Things Always Find You. God Bless You and You Are The Best!!


September 27, 2011

Tandas Bluez – Malay Language (ML) – 2011-09-27

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Tadi pergi ke bilik air, saja lah kan nak jalan-jalan and decided…ok I am going to the toilet. Roger Rabbit kat dalam dan kedua-dua tandas wanita tertutup. Seperti biasa kan..ramai wanita tapi tandas dua…macam *beep* *beep*.

I teriak, ‘Siapa kat dalam, keluar! Keluar!’. Few minutes later, suar pun kluar dengan muak bonyong dia. Tak basuh tangan dan terus keluar. So RR masuk and I tunggu. 1 min later, Ninja turle pun keluar. Dia tanya, sebelah tadi siapa, Nenek Sihir ke…I cakap si Suar tu lah…muka masam macam laki mati. Ninja Turtle ketawa.

So bodz kan. Suka duduk dalam toilet. Kalau 10 cubicles tak apalah.. bodz nye binatang.

December 16, 2009

Busy with Facebook instead.

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Nowadays I spend most of time on the internet on Facebook. Here am I and here. So do add me on. Currently I am playing Farmville, Café’s World, Farm Town and Country Life. It’s very hectic as a result of my addiction, I have created another account. So as you can guess…that means I have another set of games (total 8). I used both accounts to send gifts to me and additional neighbours. I have to admit I am addicted. But ever since the server slows down and the games does not goes as fast as I want them to be, I am slowly losing interest. I might just remove the games. Instead I decided to take a step back and not chase myself with the games and over-play it too much. I spend time decorating them instead and I still send gifts to my other neighbours and myself. But try not to get tired of it at the same time. Amidst all the games addiction, I am busy reading…or should I say fiercely reading books by Debbie Macomber. I happen to chance upon her when I was browsing at my local library for something new to read.

I had finished Laura Childs and Monica Ferris books collection or whatever I believe I could lay my hands on at the library. I even went to the extend of re-reading some of the books. They are delightful to read but I should really stop repetitive reading on all the books. How I wish I have a tea shop and sell all those scrumptious food that she described in her book (Laura Childs) and solved crimes at same time. Or own a craft shop (Monica Ferris). Isn’t that all crafters dream. To own a thriving shop. Generate money from your love of the crafts but alas as she described all the details in having a business, running them, generating profits with taxes and all the legal conditions thrown in, I am contented just to buy from those who operated such ‘complicated’ shop.

Back to Debbie Macomber. It’s the book jacket that caught my attention. Nice shop with cheerful pastel colour…it says Blossom Street (I don’t recall the whole title) and as I pick it up to read the inner contents…A lady was looking for a shop and saw that it looks the same like her dad’s bicycle shop…I am sold. The back cover said something about knitting. I figure since it’s a craft related story so why not give it a go. It’s more than a craft related book I soon discover. It’s like an almost real life story…touching, warmth and full of hopes. It actually bought tears to my eyes as I became deeply involved with the characters in the story. I believe some of us could relate it to. Not all the events but the emotions and the craziness at that point when they had actually felt it and why they are feeling in such a way. Debbie had written such lovely books that now I scoured for more. I’ve just finished Summer on Blossom Street ( I thought that was the 2nd book). I did not know there are 5 altogether. I am going to look for more. Simply wonderful and fully recommended by me.

July 3, 2009

030709 – 30weeks and walking like penguin

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So 29/06/09 came and we have to be there early to do my glucose test aka blood test, husband blood test, scanning for the baby, see the doctor and lastly collect medicines. Left the house around 7am. Board the bus to the nearest mrt station and all the way to Novena mrt station.

I decided to try my luck at taking the shuttle service since I have no idea where it was located…hehehe. We waited for awhile and finally the shuttle bus came and reached the hospital at 08.03am. I went to Clinic C to do my whatever that is necessary but instead was told to go to level to do the scan first. So out and up we go. We are the first couple there. 15mins later, we were called in.

This time I got an Indian lady sonographer. She was so kind as to explain clearly everything to me. Showed me where is the face, how to make out the eyes, nose, hands, legs, placenta, fluid in my stomach and I still dont understand how she make out something grey as to be the scrotum. I am going to leave that to the expert as to me it just look like one grey blob. We got three scans from her. We saw the baby yawning, clutching and unclutching his hands. Move his feet and to me it looks like he open his eyes. The beauty of technology.

So off we go down again to Clinic C to do the routine urine and blood pressure check. I gain 500gm. My bp is 126/80. She took manually as the machine still cant take proper reading on my arm. So I waited for my turn to be called to do the glucose test. While waiting there is a chinese lady ahead of me. She was holding a medium size like Mc Donald coke drink. She was practically trying not to cry while drinking the glucose. Oh man that is really scary I said as I would be doing just that. Drinking that horrible drink. Another chinese lady came out. She took was holding a cup of it. She was sipping it.

Oh god, it cant be that bad I consoled myself. I was wondering why do they even make us drink that solution if 1 of them is sipping slowly while the other 1 was crying. Another indian lady came and sat next to me. She was asking me, why was she crying. I said she had to drink that glucose. She just turn and looked at her again. Before she can said anything, the nurse called her. She came out with her rolled sleeve. So blood test done.

Then it was my turn. The nurse took my blood. It was not painful when she prick me. So out I go with the drink in my hand as I was told to drink it outside. So husband’s turn to do his blood test. I sip a little bit as I dont want to kill myself because of it. The liquid is translucent in colour. Smell like orange juice. Tasted like as though you have diluted 6tablespoons of sugar in it. After the sip, I just gulp the whole thing down in 2 secs. Silly woman for crying over this kind of drink. It just tasted sweet but not something that is over-bearing and horrible. Its like drinking your coke with extra sugar only. Silly cow I mumbled before heading back in to show the nurse my empty cup. She gave me plain water to wash it down and I was to come back again in 2 hrs time to take another blood test.

So off we went to wait to see the doctor this time.  By 9++ we had seen the doctor. Not much questions as usual. She asked if any pain, water leaking, bleeding. Just my normal swollen feet = remedy for it to raised up my leg. Not useful advice if you asked me. So I got my monthly blood pressure pills (Dopa) + Obimin, vitamins and folic acid for baby. She said that since the scans from the sonographer showed that the baby is too big. She is worried that somehow it might be related to me having gestational diabetes. So in 2 days time, they would call me up after the blood test to notify me if I need to come down again and to take insulin medication this time. Horiible thoughts came to mind. The only way I have seen people taking insulin is by jabbing themselves at their tummy.

That is scary enough just thinking of it. Doing it to myself is worse. When I told her that the baby weighs 1.96kg, she said its normal. So is that a good news or bad news as what I read from internet at 7months baby should weigh around 1.1kg and mine exceeded by another 800gm. So off we go again to wait for my number to be called and this time for payment. So by 11++ we are done and gone for breakfast. I picked  up the medications on my way home that includes submitting the prescription and again wait for the number to be called.

03rd July 2009 – KK did not call so that means I dont have to take insulin. Thank God!

June 24, 2009

240609 Naming a Baby = Cow?

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Thank you to all the loveliest comments. Family bonding in indeed important. I’ve thought on a whole long list of baby names…eversince I found out that I was pregnant but it was all girl names…well I can always hope that this time it’s going to be a girl. Alas the sonographer decided to burst my bubble and God have other plans for me. It is going to be a baby boy. His going to have the name that I picked for him, the name his dad picked for him and dad’s name plus dad’s family name…so it is going to be super long. 2 days ago…husband and wife had a fight on names…as now the grandparents (on husband side) decided to give names too. I am stressed out. The name it is long enough without additional 2 added to it. If woman is really emotional and crazy….the moment she deliver…she is going straight to immigration and register his name (of course the one that I picked) and just his dad’s name. Why are we traumatizing the baby with lengthy names? Maybe I just abbreviated his name…so he is going to be M.O.O.O.M.O. now that is going to sounds like I am given birth to a cow.

When you decided to marry out of your circle, things can get tough at times as the culture, customs, traditions, history is different…for everything, we have to agree on something after strangling on each other’s throat first.

Adam is bonding really well with his stepfather. First time I saw last night that he ate from his hands. It’s a big thing for me considering that Adam is still young. There was never a father figure in his life. Just his grandmother and me. I do not know if he knows that he is his father and not someone that is going to stay with him temporarily only. In due times, we would know.

Another checkup with KKH due on 29th June. That’s to check if I have gestational diabetes and this time husband coming along for his full blood count test on Thalassemia. I just hope he have the patience as seeing the doctor took 2-3hrs when they only check on you for 5mins. That’s what happen when you pay subsidised rate.

June 19, 2009

7 months & Counting

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I admitted that I am hopeless at blogging now that I am back to working in front of 3 bosses. Should I get internet connection at home. I have been thinking of that for the past year. All my lame excuses was that I need to spend more time with Adam and his studies. Now that I am nearly about to ‘pop’ my another excuse was I need rest, sleep and just massage. All this internet thingy wingy is just making me tired.

Well it does makes me tired after seating down at a marble chair that is flat and have no massaging device installed to it. It has make my butt numb, thus leading to my spine being sore from seating up straight for too long.

Another lame excuse just came up, I need time now to bond with the new baby…so internet thingy wingy would have to wait for few more months…maybe years..just maybe another year. As all that surfing and reminding me to seriously unpacked my boxes that I had stocked since November last year. Reminding me of all the stashes that I bought over a period of 2003 till 2008, awaiting to be stitched…or some to be completed. I have one sampler that is meant for someone (family) that still waiting to be completed after 6yrs delay. Looks like it is going Pregnant in June 05to be further delay.

I leave you with new me. I chopped off my hair. I am fully experiencing the pregnancy torture chamber. Breakouts, oily scalp, oily face, expanded nose, forever aching back, stuck baby in pelvis. Bloated, swollen feet and thighs. Kids stare at my feet as though I am some kind of mutated species. The swollen feet looks like dumplings ready to burst at seams. I walked like penguin.None of my clothes fit me…I have resorted to making more bigger sized skirts to fit me thru. Cant buy any maternity clothes, its like gold. Freaking expensive for just few months torture. 2 days shy from 7months pregnant. Yes, I complaint but I am enjoying every pain moment each time the baby turns and turns. No, he (Yes! It’s a Boy) He don’t swim but he turns constantly. No fixed timing. morning, daytime and nighttime. After I have eaten, feeling hungry. He only kicks me, to remind me that I need to go for toilet breaks.

June 4, 2009

030609 – 6Months 1Week 6 Days Trip to KKH

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Another trip to KKH yesterday. The appointment was at 2.45pm. Since I knocked off during lunchtime. I had reached there around 1pm and decided to fill my tummy first after I have plenty of time before I am due. I decided to eat the Mee Rebus at the Kopitiam. It costs $3.00. The gravy was thicken with too much of cornstarch and it tasted sweet instead. And here I thought, food in hospital should be better prepared. Luckily, the chilli paste was the one that saves me from hurling the bowl of noodles back to the vendor. I had stocked with ample of chilli to burn my tongue to the point of I could feel the spicy taste of chilli rather than the sweet taste of the gravy.

After my extremely slow lunch…I decided to head down to Clinic C but along the way I saw that they were showing ‘The Price is Right” at Clinic B. Therefore, I stopped and watch until 2pm before I decided to present my appointment booklet. As usual, I needed to do my weight, urine and blood pressure checks. Normal urine test but blood pressure was on the high side of 136/86 done on manual, as the machine still cannot get a proper reading on my arms. And ho behold, I am down by 6.5kg. That is something cheerful to see.

After all that is done, I have to proceed to wait in the lounge for my number to be flashed on screen and doctor to look at me. The appointment was supposed to 2.45pm. The doctor saw me close to 4pm. I had already fallen asleep couple of times. I had to hear 2 foreign Indian women complained to the local Malay woman about their late in calling them for their supposed appointment at 3.20pm. She had arrived there, probably slightly earlier and had expected the doctor to see her on the appointed time. She was grumbling, flashing her eyes at the nurse. And asking, why she still had not been called and why the doctor insist on seeing others first. She even said that…what is the point of giving an appointed time if they have to wait. My point exactly but then…what should you expect…if you are paying subsidized rates and you expect to be served like a queen on golden platter.

Behind me, another young couples with the women’s sister along was talking and grumbling too. The boy had resorted to saying that the doctor’s are wasting their time by making them wait for so long. The woman keeps on saying that her stomach is in pain and she is going to faint. 1 hr passes by and she still has not fainted. Oh well/ So finally my turn…after all senses on my butt had failed, my number flashed. I do not bother knocking, as my butt in pain from all the waiting is more important than I be courteous to her. She asked me the usual questions. Any pain, bleeding, water discharge. I told her of my swollen feet. She had said…oh and told me to walked more and lift up my legs only. Then she told me that she was going to check the baby. Check the baby in that small room? Turns out that a corner, lays a small bed with retractable panel to lift up the leg.

I got up on the bed, the nurse applied gel and the doctor was figuring where to put that fetal Doppler over my tummy. After detecting the baby’s heartbeat…barely 1 min, the nurse declares that the baby is healthy and the doctor walks away, leaving the nurse to clean up the gel on my tummy. I asked her for my supply of Dopa and Obimin. All that is done in 5mins and I had to let my butt suffer for 2hrs.

Their lunch break would be over by 2pm and In between 2pm to 3pm, the doctor had seen only 2 patients of which both were Chinese and I even hear clearly that before they start the shifts that the nurse had discussed among themselves that one have to stationed with her as a translator. However, the way, the nurses expresses themselves…as though they have one quack doctor. My guess is she just passed out from Medical school as she needs the nurse to tell her that …oh ok…like that is all right…the heartbeat is normal. Barely even 1 min of putting that fetal doppler on my tummy.

Waited for my queue number to be flashed again but this time for payment. That is it for the visit. So I proceeded to the Kopitiam again as woman is feeling hungry and decided to go for the Indian rojak. I choose 5 items of 2 flour. It cost’s me $5.40. Quite decent but the gravy is sweet. They had like sago kind of thingy in the gravy. What is wrong with the food? Everything served with extra sugar. Are they panning of giving everyone diabetes to increase the ‘population’ in hospital.

So my next appointment would be on 29th June 2009. That would be in the morning as I am taking the Oral Glucose test. I am just wondering how am I supposed to down a cup of glucose when I complaint so much when there is sugar in my food.

March 30, 2009

300309 – Dizzy Spells

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30th March 2009

Before I left the house this morning, I had made sure that I have taken all my doses of medicines. Moreover, as usual on the train no one gives up their seat to me, which is quite understandable as they too are tired like me. Besides, they did not make me pregnant…lol. All was fine as I lean against the pole and watching the people entering and leaving the train. By the time, I reached Novena, I was feeling uneasy. My hand starts to feel cold almost like icy cold. I can hear voices but it sounded as though I am in the cave. Even my voice sounds funny to me. I am beginning to feel dizzy and nauseated. It gets really bad as I could feel as though I am going to vomit right there and all over the train. I told myself…be calm as soon I would reached Raffles Place and I could get slurpee from 7-11. However, when the train pass Somerset, I was getting worse. I stand up and pull myself straight but slowly. I was thinking…if I faint on the train…what are the chances people could carry me…lol. I still got time to poke fun at myself. It even cross my mind that I have taken my high blood pills so why am I feeling like this. Is it because I did not eat anything in the morning, as usually I do not feel this way eventhough I did not eat my breakfast. I staggered to the door and exited at Dhoby Gaurt mrt. Quickly I went to find the bench and place my head between my legs. Few moments later, when my senses came back to me…I board the next train to office. The moment I reached Raffles Place, I bought myself cold soya bean drink as warm would take a long time to cold down and I don’t think I can wait for it to cool down. In addition, I bought cheese pancake, which I ate slowly and walked extremely slow.

Along the way, a woman came from the left and cut into my lane. After a few steps, she stopped suddenly in front of me and went back to the left side. I was so close to kicking her but instead…I called her idiot.

After lunch, I still feel dizzy and dis-orientated but not too bad like the morning. Finally, I went to the admin dept and asked for sweet. That one wonderful sweet dispels my dizziness and my cave-effect voices. I feel so much better now.

A&E Dept

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26th March 2009

My 2nd appointment at Woodlands Polyclinic. The appt was supposed to be at 3pm but I need to be there like 30mins earlier for registration and to inform them “Here I Am”. This time however I did not need to wait long. The nurse sees me around 15mins later. She took my weight…increase by 2kg…she said its all right as I just need to gain between 10 – 12kg. In addition, she gave me a container to pee. So the walked from her room to the toilet. I walked rather briskly as I do not believe in tardiness. Urine was negative for any sugar…that is what she said she was checking and I had doused one Giant cup of Slurpee on my wait there. Phew.

She tried to take my blood pressure but the cuff was too small and did not get a good reading of it. The reading is 150/100, if I’m not mistaken…so she said that I had to be refer to the hospital for the high BP increase. She told me to wait outside while the doctor would see me in the other room. After waiting for 5 mins, (I must say the waiting service is very efficient after my last complaint) Imagine having an appointment at 8.40am but finished almost 1pm. So the doctor took my BP and she was in shocked…she did looked abit worry cum panic. My BP is not good. Its 180/120. She asked if I am feeling giddiness, blurred vision, unwell anywhere. I said nope to all. In fact, I was wondering why she was so worried. I told her that I have headache from the fever that I got last Sat. Body feels warm and cold, my phlegm is green and my throat hurts so much as though someone had sliced them and I don’t want to go the doctor yet as it is not full blown. She asked me to lie down. She checked my temperature 37.2. She checked for heartbeat. Baby’s heartbeat is normal and running like stallion as usual.

That is my 16th week checkup.

Therefore, she said that since my BP is so high, she is going to consult with her resident gynea. She did say that I have to go to the A&E dept immediately. I asked, “you mean I have to go today itself and like right now?” She said yes. Oh, man! This is so tiring. All the way from Raffles Place to Woodlands and then back again to Novena. She said I was to go to another room to collect the referral letter.

So here, I go again. Waited for my number to be called. The referral letter just needs to be stamped. So out I go. I am just wondering…if she said I am an emergency case…do I go on my own…so its ok if I faint along the way there? I was even contemplating between the taxi and taking a train there. Well cannot go to hospital yet before going to another dept to make payment. So by 3.30pm, I was out of the Polyclinic and decided to take the taxi since she had panic and said it was an emergency. By 4pm, I had reached KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Straight to the 24hrs clinic…which they say was an emergency. So I got my queue number and waited for my turn. The nurse checked my BP. Surprise, surprise its 125/92. She said that I must have behaved when I reached here. So another urine checks and waited for the specialist to see me. Turns out that the specialist that were supposed to see me…had said that I came after 4.30pm and her knocking off time is at 4.30pm…so she is not coming back to see me. So the other kind doctor had changed my specialist to another one. I thanked her since if that specialist is so irresponsible and blamed me for coming late when I had there 26mins earlier, I would be better off be seen by someone else. So the doctor took my BP. Its 135/93. She asked me what I did to get my BP so high at the Poly. I said nothing. I was walking slowly. So she checked for the baby’s heartbeat. Drew some blood to check for anything abnormality. Gave me medicines for my fever, cough and high BP. As I told her, rather not admit me. Therefore, my next check up would be this April. I hope it is not going to be an April fool’s joke. I would be in for my BP observation and baby scanning. They kept asking me if I have done any scanning…and I asked what scanning as what they had done was only listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Take weight, height and urine.

January 6, 2009

The Results of Fidgeting

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I caved in and did not wait for the appointed date. Went to Guardian pharmacy last night after work of course. I went to that section and look…..damn all this thing is so expensive and just to check and confirm. Moreover, I felt like schoolgirl with my sling bag and short skirt.

Feeling guilty. Feels as though someone is watching me and judging me even when I just stood there. Luckily, a mother, daughter walked away, and I braved myself…after all almost all would see what I bought when I reached the cashier.

The long queue felt like hours. I am trying not to fidget so much. Guilty, wrong, anxious, nervous and all the what if’s is playing thru my mind. Shouldn’t I have waited for a few more days or weeks even? Shouldn’t I…my turn. I pay the money. He did not bother to put into a bag and I quickly dropped into my bag. That is a relief. No more guilty feelings that people would know what I am going to do next.

I contemplated going home instead as one itself is so expensive…its best I checked out in the privacy and comfort zone of my house. At least I can wait, ponder and calm down.

Bought my dinner. I have been eating rice, chicken and sambal (cooked chilli paste) for the past week. As I am too lazy to whip up my own dinner. I went to Popular bookshop and bought extremely easy recipe book. In fact, there are 1000 recipes…from Entree, starters, desserts, main and bla, bla bla. I got motivated looking at the pictures while at the shop. The moment it reaches home. I became a level raiser for my laptop.

In addition, if I try to read while on the bed….it put me to sleep in a wink. So much for motivation. Cooking for oneself. Looking at the chef n TV whipping up the dishes, looks super great but not when you have to do yourself. *sigh* I just resigned myself to eating porridge.

So the first thing that I did when I reached home…was to get on my husband nerves. Then I sit down on floor to have my nasi lemak. Really hungry but feeling upset and bad for getting on hubby’s nerves. I seriously need to control my tongue.

After dinner, I read the label. Oh well, I am not going to wait. The curiosity is too overwhelming for me. I took it with my shaking hand.  Waited with my bated breath.

I went to mum’s place to pack my things. So many things to pack. I have to consider opening a museum soon.

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