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October 20, 2007

Life has Ended

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My boss said that we would go to the new office and talked about me. Interesting. So at 4.30pm after the Weekly Sat meeting, off we goes…he drives.

We reached to an empty office. Well except for 1 Pilipino lady, Judy the Document Controller and a tall, skinny yet pleasant looking French guy name Yugo. Well that is what he said. There is no French accent in his English at all….cooolllll. I don’t know what his designation yet…soon..soon. My boss called them and they were out on site. We waited till 6pm.

Then I went back to my present office.

My sitting place is about 10-12 steps from the door. In the middle of the room. My wall is actually a glass that I can see into the other dept. And behind me (well not exactly behind me but 2 desks away) is another glass wall, where the big guys sits. And my boss sits diagonally behind me. Yugo sits exactly behind me. That is not the best part of all. The air-con or the central cooling system is directly on my head.

I am so looking forward to freezing myself, being looked/orserved/analysis at each day. And the good part is that, each time that door opens and if someone were to pop in their head….automatically they assumed I am the reception.

Now that all of you knows where I am sitting….looks like you’ll know too that I would not be able to go online permanently till the office move. My boss said, they are planning to move on 11th Nov 2007. I like the word “planning” so it means…we are not sure but we have given a thought to it.

I’m in the office to clear my work and clean my desk. My ex-husband is sitting under my block…threatening me that he would go to the house and disturbed my family. I’ve told him to kill himself. Why is he still not listening to me? What did I do wrong? Should I just get him the rat poison?

Cheers peeps…I have work to be done now for tomorrow’s work to  be finish at new project. Did they hire Wonder Woman?


Counted the Chickens

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As of 23rd Oct 2007, I would finally moved to the new project. Any outgoing or incoming emails, I would not be able to reply until I’ve planted my roots there. All blog readings, surfings, downloading is not confirmed as the new territory species look rather hostile. Face cramp, I supposed.

Have a great weekend everyone. I know I would be working at the new project…Early start…bwhahaha…sob..sob.

October 16, 2007

Don’t count your chicken B4 it Hatch

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I reached Singapore on Sunday afternoon arund 3:15pm. Massive jam at the immigration. Anyway…enough of these for awhile.

They have not yet officially confirmed me but then…it doesn’t hurt to share my happiness with of you. I am going to the new project…which means I would be in employment for the next 5 years…woohoo!! I was worried sick that they might ‘delete’ me after the end of this project. Thanks to the guy who ran off aka immediate resignation. He has not worked for more than 1 week. And to think that he spends his money leaving his country, coming to Singapore, roaming around for 4 months, learned all the road names (even I don’t know 1/3 of its names or routes), to get a better job but can’t take the pressure. Weird!

Meanwhile….since I am juggling for 2 projects, I have alot of file closing works to complete and handover that needs to be done. So that means, I would be practically working late all night = no stitching, no sewing, no crafting from me. And maybe no postings too…or you be bored to death over my work rants only.

Untill everything is settled to a comfortable level, this site would be silent except for occasional rants. I forget to tell the good news of all…With the tranferring to new project…means I would be shifting office to Chinatown where all the beautiful fabrics would be sold. I am one confirmed bankrupt lady…lol

Cheers to all…back to work.

October 11, 2007

Singing Does Not Run in Family

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I do not know how to upload the video to WordPress….so follow the link

There is only one video at the moment. Taken with my new “free” handphone Nokia E65.

October 9, 2007

Working Hard & Cindy’s Giveaway

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This is a short notice. I’ve been kept working till all my stitching and sewing is left stranded and sad. As nothing is done except sleep after work.Here wishing all the Muslims to all over the world :

Eid Mubarak….Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri in advance.

Muncung With Adam

Sekiranya ada salah dan silap termasuklah tersilap katakan…mulut nie kan pot pet pot pet…Zohrah menyusun sepuluh jari (dah kira tak lebih ataupun kurang) harap maafkan. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

This year celebrating the joyous occasion in Johor, Malaysia. Since youngest sis is ‘badly’ pregnant…can’t enter Singapore. So the 3 Musketeers : Mum, Monster and Me…making the trip in.

Cheers people and see you all next month!

Before I go, Cindy is having a GIVE AWAY. I’ve seen her handmade purse in person…aka up-close. You would not regret at such great workmanship and the time she does them. So hop over to her site and ENTER. Closed on 3rd Nov 2007. So hurry!

October 1, 2007

Curvaceous Sarong Bag

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From one sarong, you can make 1 skirt, 1 wallet, 2 small yo-yos and 1 curvy bag. Not bad ah.

The bag is reversible. So it works both ways. This is the inner side of the bag. I’ve added the sarong and make 3 pockets. The sarong is interfaced. My handphone fits in snugged.

Inner side but the read side. I used red colour polyester fabric that feels like velvet. Since the fabric is quite thick/tough, I did not interfaced it.

And this is the outer side…front side. It is interfaced.

This is the outer side….back side.

This is me holding it…so can roughly see how small/big it is. The complete bag is 36.5cm by 27.7cm. My eldest sis asked if the contents would spilled out. NO, the contents would not spilled as the pockets are deep. And it is a hand-bag not haversack. Only items like handphone, keys, powder, comb, lip balm should be in there. You keep your Britannia Encylopedia at home. 🙂

A quick peek. And ready to be use.

The bag is still sitting in my drawer…all wrapped up in tissue paper.

Replies : Coral – Definitely have to do a 2nd one.

Emily – I guess it won’t hurt to have your purple bag comes with a purple purse ah.

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