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August 14, 2008

Concluding Ending

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This is a super overdue post……Happy National Day and Happy Wedding Day for me. Yup…I got married on Singapore’s National Day…that is one day that both of us would never forget for our wedding anniversary unless either of us are having severe case of forgetfulness.

Here are some of the pics. The wedding is done at my mum’s house as the ROMM (Registry of Muslim Marriages) decided to renovate their place. Very simple and small occasion. Eldest sis had to be at the National Day Parade. Youngest sis husband had to work…he was my witness actually. Luckily the hdb block leader saves at the last minute.

Wedding was scheduled at 8:15pm. My dress was supposed to arrived at 5pm…turns up at 6:30pm. The food were¬† supposed to arrives at 6pm but came at 8:20pm. I was close to having an heart attack. Guests is in the house..and no food to serve later.

My youngest sister turns up with her 2 children…she had to leave her 3rd baby at home. My eldest sister husband do not want to come but gives all sorts of excuses. Actually I dont really like the guy…He is not a very good person. But for courtesy sake…we just ask for his presence. Anyway let’s talk about something good.

I dont wear make-up on the day, just my powder and lips gloss that is all I ever had…as I simply dont wear make-up. So my youngest sis, my mum’s friend….my her sister came to the rescue. Now you know what happened to my loud lips that still shocked me till today. I wonder who invented that lip colour.

So I am officially married and how is marriage life so far….this is Day 5. It’s been great. Someone who can share my crazy thoughts and always guide me to the right path. Best of all, Adam likes him.

One day after the wedding day…3 of us sat at dining table. He ate beef with rice..Adam in middle. Zohrah (that’s me) eating chicken with rice. He feed Adam. And then on seeing chicken in my plate, Adam turns to him and said “I don’t want to eat meat. I eat chicken now ok” Quite funny the way he said it. Adam’s life is complete now.


Down with Virus but not me…It’s the PC

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My pc have been facing problem eversince my returned from K.L. (Malaysia). I met Emily. This is a seriously long and dramatically long overdue post as I met Em short for Emily as I love to call her on darn….I cant recall the date now…let me check my calendar…hold on people….as though there are people who reads my redundant blog anymore nowadays with me being so inactive in stitching world….ok back to the main point….let me get my calendar.

Got it….6th July Sunday…just for a quick lunch…let me steals the pic from her blog.

We took…more like Emily…took the pics while I forgotten to snap with my camera. Would get more pics next time I dropped to see her again.

Let you all on something nicest and extra sweet…She is the most charming, nicest, sweetest lady. And she does not looked her age. This is my first time….a lady actually kiss both of my cheeks. It got me wide eyed for a moment there. I am so kampung…lol

So here is Em and me….can you imagine this…I post it after 1 month. Yipes.

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