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April 30, 2005

"Stitching Blogger’s Question"

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Do you set stitching goals?

I do sets stitching goals but not all of them could be kept due to my busy work schedule. Nowadays I stitch something months before I gave it away as that way my goals are met.
But then I like to ponder and personalise my finish fabric that it ends up late.

April 29, 2005

American Idol 4 – Sad Day

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I was in shocked! I don’t expect Constantine to be thrown out that early. I expected the fat guy, Anthony and Vonzell to go first.
Simon said, if he could, he would throw out the fat guy…weren’t anyone listening to him. Even Paula was in tears. Bummer. I’m not going to watch American Idol anymore….the fans have gone deaf for this season. Can’t resist Simon quirky comments though…..’sigh’
Let’s see what happen next week, if the fat guy still stay, I’m boycotting the show.

April 28, 2005

Stitching Diary

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A wonderful morning to everyone. I feel great as today is meeting’s day. Moving on, every morning, the moment I get a few spare minutes I would read my daily dose of stitching news…like the Today newspaper. I have to figure out how to put the blogs that I read on the site menu. And I realised that everyone is using blogger or blogspot…none on blogsite. I’m on the wrong planet.
I completed the rose and on to popcorn bear but have been busy with work lately that I had the tiny piece on hold. I would be able to start it again by next month. End of the month stock-take is really crazy.

American Idol 4 – Updates

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Great theme indeed last night – 2000. Run by me again what theme?
Carrie looks like she could be next one to be axed with the way she perform last night. To me, it was terrible and she have gone from good to bad to worse. And last night was worse. I don’t think we need a Country American Idol. Maybe it’s the songs that she picked that I can’t relate to. Her voice does not stands out or should I say the songs does not bring magic.
Then Bo Bice, WOW. Really good performance for a rock star wearing hippie top dat’s really weird-looking to me but he sings really nice last night. Love his “$600” shades really cool and good choice of song. But he is old, he is good but I wonder if at the end American would pick 29yr old man as their idol. Really tough one. The majority of audience is the teenage, I wonder would he appeal to them.
Vonzell….she is good singer but nothing magical about her. She can sings the difficult songs but like I said, is typical singer. Does not stands out, not a risk taker, no showmanship, practical dressing. Nothing interesting about her except that she can sing. If you want to sell records, you must have the x-factor that makes pple wants to buy ur cds and listen to the way you sing.
Anthony Fedorov, he is young, fun, bold and wonderful voice but with a voice coach, he can do much better. Looking and listening as he sang last night was like a yearning, really wonderful and nice feeling to it.
Constantine was ok last night. A better improvement from the previous week. Can’t we get rid of the double-chin as he looks like Mick Jagger brother. Song choice is better, way of singing definitely rocker style. Menacing look…thumbs up. Rocker with attitude.
Can’t believe it, I miss the fat guy…anyway I don’t like him so he may be kicked out today….well results is today at 4pm (Singapore Time)

April 22, 2005

American Idol 4

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The reasons why I watched American Idol is to see how the brave and courageous folks go for an audition. Believe in themselves that they can sing eventhough they sounds terrible and like Simon loves to say “HIDEOUS”
Salute to those people as I would never make it thru myself, not that I sings terribly but I have stage-fright.
Believe me it is really funny, watching them sing one after another and get rejected. But then…hey it is entertainment….if you want to survive in that world, I bet your skin have to be really thick and face the criticism in a good way.
I would buy Kelly Clarkson CD, 50-50 for Ruben Studdard, NO for Clay Aiken unless his CD does not come with his face. To me, he is not appealing to look at as he likes to twitch his eyes so much. A DEFINITE NO-NO for Fantasia Barrino, I rather listen to Diana Degarmo. Why would I want to buy a CD that sounds like you pack a whole frog family in that. You should see, when they had the Xmas thingy. She scares me more than Freddy Krueger.
2nd reason why I watched American Idol bcoz of Simon. He really have the guts to tell the truth which I think is lacking in Paula, not so much in Randy Jackson. I may not know what is going on the whole scene as I am not there to watch it Live. Paula is like Ms Fake, she only tells the good thing to people even if they don’t sound good. Tell a little bit of truth or some suggestion is not going to do harm to her. And please don’t stop Simon from telling his opinion. You did yours so just shut up and listen to others for once without interrupting. I think Simon should sit thru for all the Idols competition they are having around the globe.
I watch the Indian Idol, you can’t decide as all Indians are born with melodious vocal cords. Watch Antakshiri….from the young to the old, they all have their own tunes.
Singapore Idol is like a big joke. The should seriously remove all the judges but retain Douglas O. And Gurmit Singh as Ryan Seacrest, is so Mr Yesterday news.
I would like either Constantine, Carrie or Bo Bice to win. I can buy these 3 CDs. Vonzell….not that good enough for me. Anthony Fedorov is too bubblegum..and easily forgotten like Mandy Moore, Aaron Carter…nope….And Scott…he sings well when he feels like doing it. That is an attitude artist if he actually becomes one.

April 20, 2005

A Little off the Track

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Here’s a meme which I double-swiped from another blog, well she swiped first…Stitching Scientist.

Accent: I’m flexible…it goes with my crazy mood.
Bra size: Clearly seen from far.
Chore I hate: Folding the clothes.
Dad’s name: Isfaq Ahmed.
Essential make-up: lipstick and eyeliner but I only used them once a month.
They never seems to run out.
Favorite perfume: Escada – Sexy Grafitti,presently Magnolia from M&S.
Gold or Silver: Silver, gold feels tacky.
Hometown: Singapore
Interesting fact: Which one?
Job title: CAD Operator
Kids: 1
Living arrangements: 13 pple
Mom’s Birthplace: Perak, Malaysia
Number of apples eaten in last week: 0
Overnight hospital stays: 0 recently
Phobia: Heights, even 2 storey high
Question you ask yourself a lot: Can I murder them?
Siblings: 3 with original mum, 3 from eldest mum
Time I wake up: varies —currently around 4:30 am -6:15 am
Unnatural hair color: nope it is definitely jet black with a tinge of
brown. Don’t asked me how I do it, it’s natural
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Lady’s finger, Bitter Gourd
Worst habit: Bite my nails.
X-rays: 0
Yummy food I make: 0
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Chinese Year: Rabbit

April 19, 2005

Cross Stitching Magazines

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For the time being, I have stopped buying any of my favourite magazines. Plenty at home of the previous issues that is waiting to be done.
With Margaret Sherry appearing in almost all of the magazines……’sigh’…I simply adore her designs. SO CUTE
I went home last night, there was a magazine waiting for me. Adam was trying to open it and mum had hidden it under the bed…lol..I am so happy. It’s the July issue 2003 – The World of Cross-Stitching. I was waiting for the Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy.
Went thru the internet for it and most of them come a portion of it. I had seen it on the previous issue of my mag whereby a lovely grandmother had stitched for her granddaughter, and simply got to have her. I like the flower fairies series but I adore Wild Cherry Blossom.

Mini Cross Stitch – Lovely Rose

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Here is the latest update on the rose that I am doing. Looks like stuck on the train for cross stitching only as too busy to do it in office.

Image hosted by

1st ever stitching a rose, I mis-counted a single row of the pinks and all went haywire. I don’t want to unfrog them so this is the 40% of modified version. It does looks like rose in the end. I really like doing as it is quick and the amount of thread given, you can stitch the rose twice. Kit come with Anchor threads. Cost S$3.80 (¬£1.25)

April 17, 2005

Stone Head

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I woke up feeling tired and with severe head pounding. Must be from yesterday events. I was too worked up with some of the people attitudes that I flared up.
I had enough of the nonsense and trying to help others. For whatever things that they have done, they should be answerable for it.
No more Ms Nice Lady, I am now Ms Nasty. To accuse someone without finding out the whole truth, is absolute rubbish. The higher position makes a huge boo-boo affecting other people salary, why should I be a scapegoat for it. And for those seeking the answers, dare not question the culprit. Bunch of cowards. Looks like men, father a kid but hide behind a woman. Kept trying to tell the office to fire the asshole who created all the mess, but the stupid surveyor, thick in the head does not wants to admit.
Indeed I am working with a weak man.
Anyway by Tuesday, there would be changes and it would be my doing. For those who talk without using their brains would decide what happen to his own charge. They be send out to field or home. None of my concern….hahaha

April 14, 2005

"Stitching Blogger’s Question"

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Do you “stitch with the seasons?”

I don’t think I stitch with seasons only for Xmas. Singapore have no seasons . I have done 3 xmas stitching for my colleagues and they are from MS cute critters. I prefer the project to be small or they end up stored away.
I wish they have patterns for Muslim festive seasons. I need to start a year early for that to finish on time.

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