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September 20, 2007

Tea With Jane…bleeeedssss

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I do not understand it but it seems that the thread bleeds into my aida band. I don’t remember my hands being wet nor was I sweating profusely….I guess it must be one of the ‘bleeding thread’ days.

This is my up to date progress…then I stopped to sew a bag….hehe.


September 18, 2007

1826 Snail Progresses

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This where I started and stopped and I went on a short break with all the shifting to new office and boss behind my back…it tooks a back seat. Very long back seat.

Found them after gone thru my room for something and with the constant nagging from my son about my room being in mess. So many boxes, fabrics and plastic bags everywhere…and not only that…it is cramped with cabinets, wardrobes, bookshelf, computer table, single bed and new addition…..a huge 6-seater wooden round shaped dining table.

So I’m leaving the rest of pics for viewing pleasure at my slowness.

I stopped after this as had to do some road works for the new project. And after that, I went to Jane and sewing bag…hopeless.

September 12, 2007

Thinking of me??

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Thank you BJ for ‘thinking’ of me. I’m thinking of you constantly….reminding me of the never going to start project of Cheryl’s Bouquet. Looks like I have to forget about completing them by this year as per the dateline of the competition.

Overdue reply for Chiloe…yikes!! No internet at home as Little Terror would not leave me alone even for 5mins. Unless I’m sleeping.

And I start this easy stitch last night…around 1:30am after sewing a square wallet for myself. Stitched on aida band with Carrie’s Creations Threads….ah I have to check the name later…lol. It’s a gift from BJ.

This freebie is entitled Tea With Jane and designed by The Sampler Girl. Gotta run now…would post more later.

June 13, 2005

Lost Needles

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This is the 2nd time I lost my needle while stitching on the MRT (train) The 1st time, it was wedged between the seat and the glass pane. The 2nd time, it simply slip off my fingers and down it goes between the 2 cabin. Both time, while I was trying to unpicked the wrong section….Aargh. I need to get a magnetic finger so that it sticks. The good things about losing the needles is that I forget to pack in an extra for the just in case.

June 8, 2005

Happy Mother’s Day

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This is done by my male colleague, Arnol Gajeto for his mum. Now that I can post, I’ve updated all my draft posts to have pics on them. From Q&E freebie.

Image hosted by

Scruffy Owl

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Thank you so much Karen. Now I’m able to post pics as try using Hello previously and NO go for me. 😦

This is done by my colleague, Siti. With constant pushing and not allowing her to bring the owl but doing it in the office, she finishes it. Taken from Q&E (if I’m not wrong)…Featuring various scruffy owls. The colour have been changed. The frame cost S$1.05 for 2 (35p) from Value Shop.

Image hosted by

May 6, 2005

Q&E May Freebie – Tom Mouse Kit

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I’ve meant to post the finish pic but couldn’t figure out how and finally got round to doing it today. I finish it with the paper frame that came with it.

Image hosted by This is the back view. I got inspired from Angelsan.

Image hosted by Front view of course. While doing it, I swore I would never do any Tom Mouse ever again. with 3 shades for blue, red and grey, all over the place drives me little off the edge .But once I complete it, feel like I don’t mind doing another one. Looking forward to doing another freebie of WOCS issue 73.

May 4, 2005

Slow Progress – Tom Mouse Kit

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I’ve made very slow progress with Tom Mouse from May Q&E. The 2 shades of brown for his head that got me confuse.
Would have to photocopy the chart so that I can strike out the browns easily. 50% complete on the tiny butterfly.
I like his tee but spots of colours makes it difficult to stitch with a neat back. So I do full stitch before moving on to the next. Full stitch before moving on, to me, it actually slows down my ever so slow speed.
I only stitch Tom Mouse on MRT as can’t spare the time to do him at home or in office.
When would I start the pretty ballerina hedgies?
Posted more photos of my son and my past cross-stitch in the photos section

April 19, 2005

Mini Cross Stitch – Lovely Rose

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Here is the latest update on the rose that I am doing. Looks like stuck on the train for cross stitching only as too busy to do it in office.

Image hosted by

1st ever stitching a rose, I mis-counted a single row of the pinks and all went haywire. I don’t want to unfrog them so this is the 40% of modified version. It does looks like rose in the end. I really like doing as it is quick and the amount of thread given, you can stitch the rose twice. Kit come with Anchor threads. Cost S$3.80 (£1.25)

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