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February 11, 2008

Sick and Sick

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Adam have recovered from chicken pox. Mummy is still sick and deaf in her right ear.
I’ve begun to stitch Margaret Sherry Purrfect Parteners. Still 2% progress eversince I bought the mag…2 months ago?
I’m re-reading at Book9 of Terry Goodkind while reading the final book …The Confessor….sad that it is going to end.

January 14, 2008

Start of School – 2008

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I can’t be here for long but here is a quick update of me. Adam started kindergarten with this new year. I’ve been busy working. Although my working hours have shorten but due to new project just taking off…I have to work longer hours. I re-adjust my son’s schedule to fit mine. He should sleep the moment he get back from school that is after eating and bath. And wakes up during night time, that is when I come home so that I can go over his lesson or the homework with him.
I’ve completely stopped cross-stitching but does occasional simple sewing for Adam.

This is Adam with his Art bag, sorry the picture quality is not that good nor sharp. Taken with my hp camera.

I make a matching pencil case. That was before the bag was created.

And I’ve included an extra pocket for him to put the scissor, glue. And I use velcro strap to close both openings.

All rightie, till next time…and I hope not 4 months later before you hear another post from me.

October 11, 2007

Singing Does Not Run in Family

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I do not know how to upload the video to WordPress….so follow the link

There is only one video at the moment. Taken with my new “free” handphone Nokia E65.

August 6, 2007

what the LITTLE TERROR been up to??

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Took it last Sunday…brought the camera home…so what the little terror been up to?

This is him hugging my eldest sister….when the 2 of them is at home. Well he is at home all the time…so when the 2 of them meet or talked….it’s like 20 people in the house. It’s like living in jungle. Sis is afraid of cockroach and he loves to tease her with that. Sometimes throwing paper and shout “cockroach” and she would start screaming like mad woman…even at 2am!!

I had my fun too…I would throw rubber band at her and shout cockroach…and she would start screaming…while Adam and me would laugh together… đŸ™‚ Or we use the fake plastic lizard just outside her door….while the 2 of us wait for her to open the door and be startled…lol

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