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January 14, 2008

All work and no Stash is Bad

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I may not be stitching anything but that does not mean I should not be shopping aka stashing. So for my final 2007 shop and keep, I went over to Laurel Stitchery and got myself these wonderful, wonderful treats. The bunny is for Adam.

I got the Monica Ferris book. 3 stories in 1 book, an SB design = Elisabeth Stocking. And LHN chart.

As you can see, Adam is delighted with his gift althought I would have preferred a blue coloured rabbit to a pink one.

Cheers to Everyone and happy stitching. A Good Start to a Brand New Year!!


Start of School – 2008

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I can’t be here for long but here is a quick update of me. Adam started kindergarten with this new year. I’ve been busy working. Although my working hours have shorten but due to new project just taking off…I have to work longer hours. I re-adjust my son’s schedule to fit mine. He should sleep the moment he get back from school that is after eating and bath. And wakes up during night time, that is when I come home so that I can go over his lesson or the homework with him.
I’ve completely stopped cross-stitching but does occasional simple sewing for Adam.

This is Adam with his Art bag, sorry the picture quality is not that good nor sharp. Taken with my hp camera.

I make a matching pencil case. That was before the bag was created.

And I’ve included an extra pocket for him to put the scissor, glue. And I use velcro strap to close both openings.

All rightie, till next time…and I hope not 4 months later before you hear another post from me.

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