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August 10, 2007

One Word Quiz

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Snag this from Aniza’s site :  Just ONE WORD answer. Easy!

1. Where is your Cellphone? – Drawer

2. Relationship? – Dead

3. Your Hair? – Longer

4. Work? – Dreadful

5. Your sister? – Around

6 .Your favorite thing? – None

7. Your dream last night? – Sister

8. Your favorite drink? – Water

9. Your dream car? – Lamborghini

10. The room you’re in? – Office

11. Your shoes? – Gigantic

12. Your fears? – Crinkly

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? – Alive

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? – Son

15. What are you not good at? – Expressing

16. Muffin? – Chocolate

17. One of your wish list items? – Travel

18. Where you grew up? – Singapore

19. Last thing you did? – Swearing

20. What are you wearing? – Skirt

21. What aren’t you wearing? – Earrings

22. Your pet? – Begum

23. Your computer? – Compro

24. Your life? – Mess

25. Your mood? – Uninterested

26. Missing? – Father

27. What are you thinking about right now? – Bed

28. Your car? – None

29. Your kitchen? – Stocked

30. Your summer? – Cloudy

31. Your favorite colour? – Red

32. Last time you laughed? – Yesterday

33. Last time you cried? – Forgotten

34. School? – Soon

35. Love? – Adam


May 30, 2005

Stitching Questions

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Saw this on others, and give it a go.

1. How old were you when you started Cross Stitching?
About 13 (for home-econ class after that I hated it! I had to complete a project and this is the safest eventhough I find the design very ugly.) And start again at 28 while Adam was swimming around in my tummy. I need something to teach him about patience.

2. Who taught you to cross stitch?
No-one. I read the instructions that came with the kit but alot of knots and criss-crossing the 1st time I tried.

3. What inspired you to begin Cross Stitching?
It was my friend’s mother. She would do huge project of Precious Moments.

4. What has been your most difficult Cross Stitch Piece?
There is no difficult piece as I have yet to start on any large project. All the while it have been small projects. So it be rather quick to finish. but Ed the Hedgehog is only hold at the moment as I don’t like tweeding.

5. Do you have friends that stitch?
Yes, my male colleague, I taught him and he stitch when he feels like it. No pressure. His back is neat on his 1st attempt. And my online friends. I don’t care if other people consider me an old woman, and I stitch them openly in the public trains and buses and viewed by so many people. Show off!

6. What is your Favorite stitched Piece?
Every piece that I have done so far is my favourite. Sometimes it is difficult to give them away.

7. What is your favorite Fabric?
I’m happy with aida but I think I would try evenweave again. As I had a bad start the last time I did on evenweave as kept counting the holes wrongly as I don’t know it was an evenweave….lol…silly me

8. What is your favorite Fiber?
DMC and Anchor. But I find if I stitch using DMC, at the end of the piece, the design have that added sheen to it unlike Anchor. Looks like I be switching to DMC. I don’t mind using Anchor though if the kit comes with it or else I change the colours to DMC if I’m using the chart.

9.What is your favorite Needle?
Size 26 and 28 tapestry needle.

10. Do you prefer Black & White or Colored Charts?
Coloured charts as I would know where the huge block of colours would be. And since I don’t want to damaged the originals, I would re-copy them huge.

11. How many Works In Progress do you have at this time?
Presently I have only 1 and that would be the MSRR.

12. How many UFO’s do you have at this time?
Ed the hedgehog, Popcorn bear, Need to re-do Angelsan design as I’m dissatisfied with the outcome. A cat for someone. Peace sampler that I design. Birth Sampler for my colleague. 4 thank you cards. 2 birthday cards. I considered them UFO’s as they are still pending to be complete.

13. How many cross Stitch charts/kits/mags do you own?
I have 3 kits, over thousand charts, over 30 mags, 7 books.

14. How much fabric do you have in stock at this time?
Lots of 35 x 50, bits and pieces for cards, 1.5m of white aida. I had bought 2 m the last time and the lady cutting it looks as though I am mad. I think I am come to think of it. But it was too good to miss it and paid about 17 pound for Zweigart.

15. Where is your favorite place to stitch?
In the office.

16. What is your favorite time of day to stitch?
I can stitch at any time but find it easiest during the day when there is the most light.

17. How many pieces have you stitched in your lifetime?
A rough guess would be 10.

18. Do you give your stitched pieces away?
Rarely to others as most people don’t appreciate the time and effort that has gone into them. I prefer giving to my sis as she is more appreciative.

19. How many different fibers do you have in stock at this time?
1 Kreinik gold reel. 2 madeira metallic (freebies form CrossStitcher), 28 Anchors and 66 DMC

20. How many pairs of scissors do you own?
One. But they are for sewing only. I use a thread snip.

21. Do you use stitching enhancers (lights, scroll frames…etc)?
I used a plastic hoop. I have a roller frame which I hardly used now as too big to manage just waiting for my stand to be finish.

22. How many pieces that have been stitched but not yet framed or finished off in some other way do you have at this time?
5. Still sleeping in the ziploc bag.

23. Do you have a craft/stitching room?
No – but I’m going to covert a portion of my bedroom into it. Soon I can snuggle up and stitch away.

24. Why do you stitch?
It teaches me patience and anxiety. I love seeing others stitching and it gives me the challenge to do something. And its a break from beading and sewing.

25. What is your most memorable time related to cross stitching.
Seeing the smiles on my colleagues faces and they watched with envy. They are very interested in what I do.

May 28, 2005

Over-due Tagged

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I’ve been tagged by Angelsan ! Isn’t this great way to know?
I have to choose 5 and then complete the sentence, then I get to tag 3 people:

If I could be a scientist . . .
If I could be a farmer . . .
If I could be a musician . . .
If I could be a doctor . . .
If I could be a painter . . .
If I could be a gardener . . .
If I could be a missionary . . .
If I could be a chef . . .
If I could be an architect . . .
If I could be a linguist . . .
If I could be a psychologist . . .
If I could be a librarian . . .
If I could be an athlete . . .
If I could be a lawyer . . .
If I could be an inn-keeper . . .
If I could be a professor . . .
If I could be a writer . . .
If I could be a llama-rider . . .
If I could be a bonnie pirate . . .
If I could be an astronaut . . .
If I could be a world famous blogger . . .
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world . . .
If I could be married to any current famous political figure . . .

Can’t do the architect thingy as I gave up furthering my studies…just 2 years to completion.

If I could be a doctor . . .I’ll be an Animal doctor (Vet) and could play, cure, touch, cuddle all the cats, hamsters, monkeys. Study all the different species.

If I could be a painter . . .I would paint all the wonderful things that I experience and see in my head that can’t be expressed in words. My version of Harry Potter is totally different. Even Hermione looks much prettier. Weasley would not look so dumb. Kahlan and Richard Rahl, the handsome couple from Terry Goodkind.

If I could be a linguist . . .I could understand all the other main languages and don’t have to use an online translation when they have not translated correctly. At the present moment, I only know 4 languages but it’s a bit of here and there so I can manage to scrap by.

If I could be a librarian . . .(Head of librarian)I would stocked up more on cross-stitch, silk ribbon-embroidery, cloth dolls, fantasy, salt dough, dollhouses, inline-skating, newborn, learn foreign language, malay horror books. And I spend time reading and make sure the library is really, really quiet.

If I could be a writer . . .I would write the silliest yet true version on teenage stories of Singapore during the 80’s. A nostalgic read.

Now it’s Zia, Elaine and Maggie’s turn to be tagged…..

May 4, 2005

Culture Questions

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Found this on Cathy.

What is (roughly) your daily schedule? What time does work begin? What time does it end? How about meal times? Does your country go in for the afternoon rest time? In Singapore, the day starts between 6:00am to 9:00am for most people. There is a different timing for different groups of people. Many finish work around 6:00in the evening. I start work around 7:00am so left from house around 5:35am in morning. I finish work around 7:00 in the evening as my assistant is on leave, I normal finish work around 8:30 to 9:00pm. Breakfast is at 9:00am. There are many coffee shops or illegal food vendors that serves a huge variety of food as early as 5:00am. Lunch time is from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm. Dinner time is from 6:00 to 7:00pm till 10:00pm. Average bedtime is between 10:00pm to midnight. I normally sleeps at 1:00am. There are no breaks in the afternoon.
What is the predominate language spoken in your country? Are many people bi-lingual? It will be English and Singlish. Singlish is a combination of English mixed with a bit of Malay and Mandarin. There are 4 main languages : English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil. Many people are bi-lingual since we have different races. (Besides it is the grey govt law that everyone should be bi-lingual in Mandarin in order to secure a job). English is taught as main language and your mother tongue is taught as 2nd language.
What sports are popular in your country? Football and gambling. They don’t call it soccer but football. There is alot of football clubs but most people would rather watch the Spanish Liga, EPL or anything foreign than the local clubs. Why gambling is a sport, nearly 80% of the people gambles from horse, football, 4D, TOTO, you name it they have it….so in Singapore it is not consider a hobby or a kick but a sport.
Are there supermarkets where you live? We have all kind of supermarkets here and they are all within 10mins walking distance. Since houses are groups according to neighbourhood, so for those slightly off the desired location have to travel 30mins by bus.
Who are the real-life heroes in your country? Can’t comment on free speech. I still wants to live here for few more years.
Is there a day you celebrate your country? What is the celebration like? That would be 9th August every year. It is Independent day/National Day – break from Malaysia and a Republic on its own. 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after, Singapore flags could be seen flying/displayed everywhere. (Oh it is compulsory to display but some choose not to). Each year they have different theme to celebrate it, fireworks and new patriotic songs, parade to display all the polished army men/women, nicely shined tanks, huge and NOISY airplanes. It is fun

April 20, 2005

A Little off the Track

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Here’s a meme which I double-swiped from another blog, well she swiped first…Stitching Scientist.

Accent: I’m flexible…it goes with my crazy mood.
Bra size: Clearly seen from far.
Chore I hate: Folding the clothes.
Dad’s name: Isfaq Ahmed.
Essential make-up: lipstick and eyeliner but I only used them once a month.
They never seems to run out.
Favorite perfume: Escada – Sexy Grafitti,presently Magnolia from M&S.
Gold or Silver: Silver, gold feels tacky.
Hometown: Singapore
Interesting fact: Which one?
Job title: CAD Operator
Kids: 1
Living arrangements: 13 pple
Mom’s Birthplace: Perak, Malaysia
Number of apples eaten in last week: 0
Overnight hospital stays: 0 recently
Phobia: Heights, even 2 storey high
Question you ask yourself a lot: Can I murder them?
Siblings: 3 with original mum, 3 from eldest mum
Time I wake up: varies —currently around 4:30 am -6:15 am
Unnatural hair color: nope it is definitely jet black with a tinge of
brown. Don’t asked me how I do it, it’s natural
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Lady’s finger, Bitter Gourd
Worst habit: Bite my nails.
X-rays: 0
Yummy food I make: 0
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Chinese Year: Rabbit

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