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September 15, 2007

SMO – Fridge Magnet Exchange

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I participated in a Fridge Magnet Exchange on SMO (San Man Originals) Board. This is what I stitched for my partner. Seriously speaking, I had a hard time trying to stick a magnet on to it. And to figure out how to make them was worse for me as I have no idea how it should be like or assembled.

First attempt was, trying to make it like one-half of pinkeep with another half, I wrapped the magnets in it…you know, like trying to hide them. It does not work. That darn thing refuse to stick to my fridge. And so I added more magnets on the outside of it. It sticks but does not stay long enough for me to say….ahhhh…’te-plot’

I took the picture on my brand new towel and face towel bought from Aussino. Aye! Aye Captain!!.

I wrapped everything but forget to take the picture of the notebook that I send along with others. And as usual….I did not add a card. Oh darn!! Darn it!!

This is what I send : 2 magnets, 1 batik wristlet made by me, 1 notebook (not shown here) and 1 metre of orangy organzy-like fabric.

On 2nd attempt to making them. I just wrapped it like pinkeep and stick the magnets on the outside only. Anyone have a better way to making fridge magnets…do help me. As I need to make more. And after a long while, they finally stays on the fridge. Magnets + Zohrah = weirds.

And the sad part of all….I guess she don’t like the exchange as she never replied nor leave any IM on SMO Board. I always send my package registered…so it can never be lost. And the 2nd sad part. I never get my own exchange. Bummer. That’s it…no more exchange to unknown people.


August 11, 2007

SBEBB Freebie Exchange to Marika

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I noticed on the SBEBB forum that Marika have received my exchange. I think that everyone should move to Finland as this is the fastest post ever to reach anyone even via registered mail. 🙂

I stitched Friendship Grows by Lizzie Kate. And made into a mini pillow. This is the side view of the stuffed pillow. As you can see, I really stuffed or over-stuffed the pillow….lol. It reminds me of the movie “Flubber”… squishy! It nearly never make it, as Little Terror was protesting to keep. Yikes!!

And the front view of the pillow. With 4 dark blue buttons at each corner. Maybe I should have choose a different coloured buttons….to give a more contrast….*shake heads* while muttering ‘aiyah’

The whole exchange that I send to Marika. Hope you’ll enjoy them. 🙂 Well I did not send the red scissor. In the exchange, I’ve included silver and pink ribbon, Carrie’s Creation Threads, L*K chart, blue fabric and a packet of round thingy…I don’t know what you call  but can string threads to them when you stitch it in place in needlebook.


August 6, 2007

Freebie Exchange SBEBB from Chris

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I am now the super proud owner of this beautiful scissor fob and scissor case to match. Such neat stitching and superb finishing. I am too scared to touch in case I dirtied it so fast. Lovely exchange from Chris.

Freebie Exchange SBEBB

Ahhh…going to admire it even more. I am super happy…like a child with her birthday present. Thank You Chris!!

August 4, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange SBEBB – Lisa Beck

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My pinkeep exchange using Emily’s fabric for backing piece. Lovely textured fabric. Send out to Lisa Beck. I stitched a Britter Cup Design that was in the Cross Stitcher issue. Really cute cat.

Here is the wrapped view :

Here is the whole exchange :

Would stitched it again when I can locate the chart again….hehe my filing system is in a mess at the moment. With updating the list in Excel too.

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