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September 27, 2007

Square Wallet To Go

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My birthday gift from eldest sis…died on me. It stays faithful for 2 years before its heart give way. So after several days of going to work without wallet. I decided to make one instead.

Not really well done, it could have been way, way, way make much better. I should interface the fabric. Used magnetic snaps. Add more pockets. Placed the zipper section in the middle. In short, I should really, really well-planned when making my square wallet.

This is the front view of the 2SQ wallet. Unknowingly, I stitched the straps onto the outer pocket thus making it un-usable. Silly me. Fabric is your typical Batik sarong that is worn by most Asians women. Due to bad planning, the zippered part ended on the top of wallet.

Inside view of it : Since I did not interface nor add batting….it feels kinda flimsy and drappy when I slot in my cards on bothsides. Note to add….need to add velcro to keep the card from falling off when you try to unzip the top portion for coins.

When closed, it is just 4.5 inch by 4inch. Closed with studs and hidden by buttons.

September 26, 2007

Cross Stitch Collection – Pictures Only

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I bought 2 CSC as I like what I see on the inside of it. I know I would never get round to stitching them…with my slowness and easily distracted by other things.

Sweet looking lady :

Correct me if I am wrong…seems that this sampler keeps popping in other mags as well. If it does, I’ve been duped in buying repetitive design.

Oh, I only like the border…hehehe

Adam had quite a time finding the cat in this design…so cute!!

September 20, 2007

Tea With Jane…bleeeedssss

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I do not understand it but it seems that the thread bleeds into my aida band. I don’t remember my hands being wet nor was I sweating profusely….I guess it must be one of the ‘bleeding thread’ days.

This is my up to date progress…then I stopped to sew a bag….hehe.

September 18, 2007

1826 Snail Progresses

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This where I started and stopped and I went on a short break with all the shifting to new office and boss behind my back…it tooks a back seat. Very long back seat.

Found them after gone thru my room for something and with the constant nagging from my son about my room being in mess. So many boxes, fabrics and plastic bags everywhere…and not only that…it is cramped with cabinets, wardrobes, bookshelf, computer table, single bed and new addition…..a huge 6-seater wooden round shaped dining table.

So I’m leaving the rest of pics for viewing pleasure at my slowness.

I stopped after this as had to do some road works for the new project. And after that, I went to Jane and sewing bag…hopeless.

September 15, 2007

SMO – Fridge Magnet Exchange

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I participated in a Fridge Magnet Exchange on SMO (San Man Originals) Board. This is what I stitched for my partner. Seriously speaking, I had a hard time trying to stick a magnet on to it. And to figure out how to make them was worse for me as I have no idea how it should be like or assembled.

First attempt was, trying to make it like one-half of pinkeep with another half, I wrapped the magnets in it…you know, like trying to hide them. It does not work. That darn thing refuse to stick to my fridge. And so I added more magnets on the outside of it. It sticks but does not stay long enough for me to say….ahhhh…’te-plot’

I took the picture on my brand new towel and face towel bought from Aussino. Aye! Aye Captain!!.

I wrapped everything but forget to take the picture of the notebook that I send along with others. And as usual….I did not add a card. Oh darn!! Darn it!!

This is what I send : 2 magnets, 1 batik wristlet made by me, 1 notebook (not shown here) and 1 metre of orangy organzy-like fabric.

On 2nd attempt to making them. I just wrapped it like pinkeep and stick the magnets on the outside only. Anyone have a better way to making fridge magnets…do help me. As I need to make more. And after a long while, they finally stays on the fridge. Magnets + Zohrah = weirds.

And the sad part of all….I guess she don’t like the exchange as she never replied nor leave any IM on SMO Board. I always send my package registered…so it can never be lost. And the 2nd sad part. I never get my own exchange. Bummer. That’s it…no more exchange to unknown people.

Gifts from Coral, Nik & Jean

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Finally the longest awaited pics that I was supposed to post but never get round to doing so. You can tell when I am posting = means boss is not around. *ching* *ching*

The beautiful Coeur book from Coral.

And Nik send me not one 1 but 3 hand-made cards that she make all by herself. I love the stickers that represented her logo. So cute!! I think she knows that I am bad at making cards or always forgotten to send cards with my exchanges…hee hee hee. The cards is so precious to give away now…

And the latest SANQ from Jean from her ONS.  It certainly makes me smile.

Thank you so much to all ladies!!

September 13, 2007

Earthquake Tremors

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Around 7.20pm on 12/09/07, felt the office swaying

Around 7.58am on 13/09/07, felt the office swaying for few minutes.

What a way to start the fasting month = Ramadhan. A warning nonetheless for those in Singapore.

September 12, 2007

Thinking of me??

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Thank you BJ for ‘thinking’ of me. I’m thinking of you constantly….reminding me of the never going to start project of Cheryl’s Bouquet. Looks like I have to forget about completing them by this year as per the dateline of the competition.

Overdue reply for Chiloe…yikes!! No internet at home as Little Terror would not leave me alone even for 5mins. Unless I’m sleeping.

And I start this easy stitch last night…around 1:30am after sewing a square wallet for myself. Stitched on aida band with Carrie’s Creations Threads….ah I have to check the name later…lol. It’s a gift from BJ.

This freebie is entitled Tea With Jane and designed by The Sampler Girl. Gotta run now…would post more later.

September 11, 2007

Working Hard Rants

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The new guy had gone to the new site….I can now breathe easily but then not so easily as I’ve got plenty of work to do for the new project. Considering that I am not going to be transferred…it feels dreadful to do for them…sad.

And the work that I am doing….road markings, traffic lights, street signs…long stretch or road with 2 days to finish it. I’ve just used up yesterday to do a tree-felling plans for them…and still no extension….darn!!

Cheers….oh yeah, before I forget…I’ve not been stitching anything as too tired each night. Spend the journey sleeping or re-reading the whole book of Terry Goodkind again…At Book 2 now. I have the whole set. I know…I am crazy. Don’t think I would ever give it away as I really love the books.

September 4, 2007

Squeezed Dry

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We have a new staff joining us today and guess where he sits….next to me…well not exactly next to me but the desk which is located on my right hand side.

He is the new Assistant Design Manager….my boss (Design Manager) sits diagonally behind me and another one…..darn!! They goes my time to check news or even to pass comments or brief updates with my frens.

No more internet unless both are gone for meeting. How sad. If you do not see any updates from me for a long time….it means I am miserable….bwahahaha.

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