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December 31, 2017

End of Year 2017

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Lo behold and the final day of 2017 and I decided to search for my blog and write something on it. So many things have happened…all has been good situations and I am grateful each day.

At a new job, boys is 14 and 8 years old this year. New year means only great things coming for me, my family, friends and of course Everyone.

Good People and Great Things Always Find You. God Bless You and You Are The Best!!


July 24, 2009

Start Sewing again – 230709

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Eversince I got my overlock machine service again (well 2 weeks ago). The man came down to house, he literally took apart the machine till the skeleton. he clean, rub, dust, all the manly words used to clean rust and make into 90% brand new. He took 3hrs and charged me only S$40. I was scared stiif that it was going to be so expensive.

So I started sewing…more like hemming my mum’s sarong. I cut a pair of long trousers for Adam. Switched over to my ever trusty Sakura sewing machine of 11years of not having to be serviced in all those years that I had her. Its going to be a her…since she is Sakura brand. Repaired 3 of Adam’s trousers. Boys have a knack for wearing out the underside faster than they rip out the pockets. Sew the trousers.

Going to Chinatown this evening to pick a hem gauge (if they have) and elastic bands. I don’t think I am going to stop at 1. I have more to make. With the National Day coming up, Adam wants to wear something white and red to school. I probably make 3/4 for me.

It’s best I make full use of the fabrics that I have bought over the years but was too sad to cut them. Time to re-change and get those things out of the boxes and in better use. After I live only once…what use would it be once I am dead. They cant bury all my treasures with me.

Going on to 34, woman have grown more and more practical and grounded.

33weeks yesterday and feet is badly swollen. Could feel the baby moving slowly against my tummy. I guess he too does not have enough space to swirl about. Going for another check up on next Monday. Primary 1 registration for Adam on next Wed and Thurs. Depends if I manage to get to register him into 1 school unless no more vacancies.

It’s certainly not easy, walking around with huge tummy. Going to measure my tummy this evening and more photos…so that i can scare myself once I’ve delivered.

Cheers and I am outta here.

January 14, 2009

Moved in to The New House

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Mum and Adam finally moved into the new house on 13th Jan 2009 at 11.30pm. Oh, I had to go back the old house to collect his school uniforms…in a hurry to the final move….we left his school uniforms.

The 1st night, mum and Adam did not sleep early…both were looking and getting used to the new environment…while I decided to sleep. Woman is still sick, tired, cranky and way, way, way too sleepy.

2nd night, Adam wants to go home. He wants to sleep on the old bed. Bummer. But nothing doing of that sort.

More updates later.

August 14, 2008

Concluding Ending

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This is a super overdue post……Happy National Day and Happy Wedding Day for me. Yup…I got married on Singapore’s National Day…that is one day that both of us would never forget for our wedding anniversary unless either of us are having severe case of forgetfulness.

Here are some of the pics. The wedding is done at my mum’s house as the ROMM (Registry of Muslim Marriages) decided to renovate their place. Very simple and small occasion. Eldest sis had to be at the National Day Parade. Youngest sis husband had to work…he was my witness actually. Luckily the hdb block leader saves at the last minute.

Wedding was scheduled at 8:15pm. My dress was supposed to arrived at 5pm…turns up at 6:30pm. The food were¬† supposed to arrives at 6pm but came at 8:20pm. I was close to having an heart attack. Guests is in the house..and no food to serve later.

My youngest sister turns up with her 2 children…she had to leave her 3rd baby at home. My eldest sister husband do not want to come but gives all sorts of excuses. Actually I dont really like the guy…He is not a very good person. But for courtesy sake…we just ask for his presence. Anyway let’s talk about something good.

I dont wear make-up on the day, just my powder and lips gloss that is all I ever had…as I simply dont wear make-up. So my youngest sis, my mum’s friend….my her sister came to the rescue. Now you know what happened to my loud lips that still shocked me till today. I wonder who invented that lip colour.

So I am officially married and how is marriage life so far….this is Day 5. It’s been great. Someone who can share my crazy thoughts and always guide me to the right path. Best of all, Adam likes him.

One day after the wedding day…3 of us sat at dining table. He ate beef with rice..Adam in middle. Zohrah (that’s me) eating chicken with rice. He feed Adam. And then on seeing chicken in my plate, Adam turns to him and said “I don’t want to eat meat. I eat chicken now ok” Quite funny the way he said it. Adam’s life is complete now.

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