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January 14, 2009

Moved in to The New House

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Mum and Adam finally moved into the new house on 13th Jan 2009 at 11.30pm. Oh, I had to go back the old house to collect his school uniforms…in a hurry to the final move….we left his school uniforms.

The 1st night, mum and Adam did not sleep early…both were looking and getting used to the new environment…while I decided to sleep. Woman is still sick, tired, cranky and way, way, way too sleepy.

2nd night, Adam wants to go home. He wants to sleep on the old bed. Bummer. But nothing doing of that sort.

More updates later.


January 6, 2009

The Results of Fidgeting

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I caved in and did not wait for the appointed date. Went to Guardian pharmacy last night after work of course. I went to that section and look…..damn all this thing is so expensive and just to check and confirm. Moreover, I felt like schoolgirl with my sling bag and short skirt.

Feeling guilty. Feels as though someone is watching me and judging me even when I just stood there. Luckily, a mother, daughter walked away, and I braved myself…after all almost all would see what I bought when I reached the cashier.

The long queue felt like hours. I am trying not to fidget so much. Guilty, wrong, anxious, nervous and all the what if’s is playing thru my mind. Shouldn’t I have waited for a few more days or weeks even? Shouldn’t I…my turn. I pay the money. He did not bother to put into a bag and I quickly dropped into my bag. That is a relief. No more guilty feelings that people would know what I am going to do next.

I contemplated going home instead as one itself is so expensive…its best I checked out in the privacy and comfort zone of my house. At least I can wait, ponder and calm down.

Bought my dinner. I have been eating rice, chicken and sambal (cooked chilli paste) for the past week. As I am too lazy to whip up my own dinner. I went to Popular bookshop and bought extremely easy recipe book. In fact, there are 1000 recipes…from Entree, starters, desserts, main and bla, bla bla. I got motivated looking at the pictures while at the shop. The moment it reaches home. I became a level raiser for my laptop.

In addition, if I try to read while on the bed….it put me to sleep in a wink. So much for motivation. Cooking for oneself. Looking at the chef n TV whipping up the dishes, looks super great but not when you have to do yourself. *sigh* I just resigned myself to eating porridge.

So the first thing that I did when I reached home…was to get on my husband nerves. Then I sit down on floor to have my nasi lemak. Really hungry but feeling upset and bad for getting on hubby’s nerves. I seriously need to control my tongue.

After dinner, I read the label. Oh well, I am not going to wait. The curiosity is too overwhelming for me. I took it with my shaking hand.  Waited with my bated breath.

I went to mum’s place to pack my things. So many things to pack. I have to consider opening a museum soon.

January 5, 2009

All Gifts to New House

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A long time since I last blog and a long time since I last stitch. Everything is half packed and probably moved this coming Thursday. But I have shifted into my new house Dec last year. I get my own kitchen which I knew mom would never approve. It’s higher than her usual comfort level of cooking.

The reason…so that she dont spend time trying to fatten all of us again. Secondly, she should be resting instead of spending time in kitchen. By resting, (probably finish all her recipes books that I bought for her. Go for walks and not coop up at home. Sleep. Rest her mind. Mild exercise.) All those stuffs. It’s time for her to take it easy.

The main purpose of me back to posting today is to inform anyone who still stops by my blog…I have moved house. Please send all presents to my new address which would be given by me thru my email. (I am such a thick-skinned) Anyway….what is a little fun to inject in my dormant blog for a sec.

I have been doing alot, alot, alot of reading and watching of movies (mainly horror) but I watched them during daytime…so that I don’t scare myself to death.

Happy New Year to Everyone. May with this brand new year….the economy picks up. Stop all the bombings around. Please, please get the weather back to normal. All stitchers possessed the speedy fingers to finish all the treasures that many have been collecting. And seriously find a cloning machine to clone myself to complete my own stitching treasures.


August 14, 2008

Concluding Ending

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This is a super overdue post……Happy National Day and Happy Wedding Day for me. Yup…I got married on Singapore’s National Day…that is one day that both of us would never forget for our wedding anniversary unless either of us are having severe case of forgetfulness.

Here are some of the pics. The wedding is done at my mum’s house as the ROMM (Registry of Muslim Marriages) decided to renovate their place. Very simple and small occasion. Eldest sis had to be at the National Day Parade. Youngest sis husband had to work…he was my witness actually. Luckily the hdb block leader saves at the last minute.

Wedding was scheduled at 8:15pm. My dress was supposed to arrived at 5pm…turns up at 6:30pm. The food were  supposed to arrives at 6pm but came at 8:20pm. I was close to having an heart attack. Guests is in the house..and no food to serve later.

My youngest sister turns up with her 2 children…she had to leave her 3rd baby at home. My eldest sister husband do not want to come but gives all sorts of excuses. Actually I dont really like the guy…He is not a very good person. But for courtesy sake…we just ask for his presence. Anyway let’s talk about something good.

I dont wear make-up on the day, just my powder and lips gloss that is all I ever had…as I simply dont wear make-up. So my youngest sis, my mum’s friend….my her sister came to the rescue. Now you know what happened to my loud lips that still shocked me till today. I wonder who invented that lip colour.

So I am officially married and how is marriage life so far….this is Day 5. It’s been great. Someone who can share my crazy thoughts and always guide me to the right path. Best of all, Adam likes him.

One day after the wedding day…3 of us sat at dining table. He ate beef with rice..Adam in middle. Zohrah (that’s me) eating chicken with rice. He feed Adam. And then on seeing chicken in my plate, Adam turns to him and said “I don’t want to eat meat. I eat chicken now ok” Quite funny the way he said it. Adam’s life is complete now.

Down with Virus but not me…It’s the PC

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My pc have been facing problem eversince my returned from K.L. (Malaysia). I met Emily. This is a seriously long and dramatically long overdue post as I met Em short for Emily as I love to call her on darn….I cant recall the date now…let me check my calendar…hold on people….as though there are people who reads my redundant blog anymore nowadays with me being so inactive in stitching world….ok back to the main point….let me get my calendar.

Got it….6th July Sunday…just for a quick lunch…let me steals the pic from her blog.

We took…more like Emily…took the pics while I forgotten to snap with my camera. Would get more pics next time I dropped to see her again.

Let you all on something nicest and extra sweet…She is the most charming, nicest, sweetest lady. And she does not looked her age. This is my first time….a lady actually kiss both of my cheeks. It got me wide eyed for a moment there. I am so kampung…lol

So here is Em and me….can you imagine this…I post it after 1 month. Yipes.

July 5, 2008

Here I come

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I am going to KL this evening to meet….. Let’s hope I get there in one piece so that I could post all the pics and updates on my return. I would be bringing something to stitch. Finally I can get something to stitch eversince I stopped stitching in Feb 2008.

March 31, 2008

Not Happy

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I’m not an happy person. I am still sick. I was on my way to recovery last week…when someone sneeze near me…and I caught the grandmother of flu virus yet again. No stitching, no sewing. I’ve been busy with work and more work.
Howeverr I did went for training that was so graciously sponsored by my company. Ahhhh…I feel my existence.
Anyway…going back to work now…just stopped over to say that I am still sick. I need a long holiday in a germs free environment.

March 12, 2008

Micro something Infection

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Went to the doctor again yesterday. This week is the 5th week I am sick. The doctor told me I might have an infection. She don’t have to tell me that….I even thought that I am getting the chicken and bird flu or any kind of contagious or exotic kind of flu since I have not recovered since week 2.
Anyway, She gave new medicines and antibiotics. If this does not clear up…I am going for more tests and chest xray.
So after dousing myself with medicines (yesterday) I am feeling much better now. The cat in my throat is no longer stretching my throat. Can’t talked much though but certainly feels better.
I am still stitching my Home of Needleworker from NNC SHS. I have shamelessly asked for the chart from Jean. The SHS (Sisterhood of Stitching) is supposed to be for 3 weeks….but I can’t make it in 3 weeks. Thank you Jean!!
I am changing the colours for the house and windows to a slightly cheerful ones after all I am going to hang in my room. Thought I look at some nicer colours. No OD as I want to wash this piece before I hang, as it contains all my bacteria from handling it over the last weeks. That’s about all folks. I am still busy at work.

March 4, 2008

SBQ – 13th Feb 2008

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This week’s SBQ was suggested by Loretta : Do you have any projects that you have scrapped and started over? What made you start over from scratch?

Oh this is so simple….I have not scrapped any of my projects so far….I would normally re-invent them….lol.

But one project that I have yet to scrap was the one given by a female colleague of mine. She had bought a Forever Friends Wedding kit. Most of the colours are in ecru tones except for the cheeks and flowers. She had used knots at the back!!!…So I have ripped 70% of them. So whenever I am ‘that’  free…I would start stitching it. But looks like it is not going to happen as her attitude had make me so angry just by looking at the fabric. Oh it’s not her using the knots on it but more on work-wise.

Anyway, I am going to find that kit again. Once I found it….It is free + free postage to any good home.

SBQ – 25th Feb 2008

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This week’s SBQ was suggested by Rachel and is: What is your cross stitch weakness? (i.e., What do you have to have when you see it, even if you are supposed to be on the Wagon?)

What cross stitch weakness can I possibly get that all stitcher’s wouldn’t get as well. I must have ALL the lovely things that I see/surf/ardmire on practically all the stitching bloggers site.  Cross stitching is like an healthy obsession is you can keep it in line…or else you just drives yourself crazy with all the wants that you see.

As I progresses without much stitching nowadays…I only collects charts and books. Now I have limit myself to only UK Cross Stitcher magazine or any magazines that came with Flower Fairies and Margaret Sherry designs. (my on-going weakness)

On a different note : I’ve decided to interact with my online world…to keep my tippy toes sane as all the work…is making me sick. This is my 4th week of still being sick. And It’s best I clear my email box of all the unanswered SBQs too.

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