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June 24, 2009

240609 Naming a Baby = Cow?

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Thank you to all the loveliest comments. Family bonding in indeed important. I’ve thought on a whole long list of baby names…eversince I found out that I was pregnant but it was all girl names…well I can always hope that this time it’s going to be a girl. Alas the sonographer decided to burst my bubble and God have other plans for me. It is going to be a baby boy. His going to have the name that I picked for him, the name his dad picked for him and dad’s name plus dad’s family name…so it is going to be super long. 2 days ago…husband and wife had a fight on names…as now the grandparents (on husband side) decided to give names too. I am stressed out. The name it is long enough without additional 2 added to it. If woman is really emotional and crazy….the moment she deliver…she is going straight to immigration and register his name (of course the one that I picked) and just his dad’s name. Why are we traumatizing the baby with lengthy names? Maybe I just abbreviated his name…so he is going to be M.O.O.O.M.O. now that is going to sounds like I am given birth to a cow.

When you decided to marry out of your circle, things can get tough at times as the culture, customs, traditions, history is different…for everything, we have to agree on something after strangling on each other’s throat first.

Adam is bonding really well with his stepfather. First time I saw last night that he ate from his hands. It’s a big thing for me considering that Adam is still young. There was never a father figure in his life. Just his grandmother and me. I do not know if he knows that he is his father and not someone that is going to stay with him temporarily only. In due times, we would know.

Another checkup with KKH due on 29th June. That’s to check if I have gestational diabetes and this time husband coming along for his full blood count test on Thalassemia. I just hope he have the patience as seeing the doctor took 2-3hrs when they only check on you for 5mins. That’s what happen when you pay subsidised rate.



  1. What about being modern and deciding what works best for you and Mr dad? 🙂 I mean it’s your chid and we are in 2009 so do the best for you guys 😉 I couldn’t stand grand parents giving names to MY baby 😮 I don’t remember where you are from and where is your husband from?

    When you have a mixed mariage, like mine 😉 ; you have to agree on making your own rules because if one wants his culture only to be dominant, things are never going to work out because the other one will feel left out …

    What do you mean by “eating from his hands”? Adam doesn’t feed himself?

    Comment by Chiloe — June 25, 2009 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

  2. By the way: thanks for giving us regular updates 😉

    Comment by Chiloe — June 25, 2009 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

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