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March 30, 2009

A&E Dept

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26th March 2009

My 2nd appointment at Woodlands Polyclinic. The appt was supposed to be at 3pm but I need to be there like 30mins earlier for registration and to inform them “Here I Am”. This time however I did not need to wait long. The nurse sees me around 15mins later. She took my weight…increase by 2kg…she said its all right as I just need to gain between 10 – 12kg. In addition, she gave me a container to pee. So the walked from her room to the toilet. I walked rather briskly as I do not believe in tardiness. Urine was negative for any sugar…that is what she said she was checking and I had doused one Giant cup of Slurpee on my wait there. Phew.

She tried to take my blood pressure but the cuff was too small and did not get a good reading of it. The reading is 150/100, if I’m not mistaken…so she said that I had to be refer to the hospital for the high BP increase. She told me to wait outside while the doctor would see me in the other room. After waiting for 5 mins, (I must say the waiting service is very efficient after my last complaint) Imagine having an appointment at 8.40am but finished almost 1pm. So the doctor took my BP and she was in shocked…she did looked abit worry cum panic. My BP is not good. Its 180/120. She asked if I am feeling giddiness, blurred vision, unwell anywhere. I said nope to all. In fact, I was wondering why she was so worried. I told her that I have headache from the fever that I got last Sat. Body feels warm and cold, my phlegm is green and my throat hurts so much as though someone had sliced them and I don’t want to go the doctor yet as it is not full blown. She asked me to lie down. She checked my temperature 37.2. She checked for heartbeat. Baby’s heartbeat is normal and running like stallion as usual.

That is my 16th week checkup.

Therefore, she said that since my BP is so high, she is going to consult with her resident gynea. She did say that I have to go to the A&E dept immediately. I asked, “you mean I have to go today itself and like right now?” She said yes. Oh, man! This is so tiring. All the way from Raffles Place to Woodlands and then back again to Novena. She said I was to go to another room to collect the referral letter.

So here, I go again. Waited for my number to be called. The referral letter just needs to be stamped. So out I go. I am just wondering…if she said I am an emergency case…do I go on my own…so its ok if I faint along the way there? I was even contemplating between the taxi and taking a train there. Well cannot go to hospital yet before going to another dept to make payment. So by 3.30pm, I was out of the Polyclinic and decided to take the taxi since she had panic and said it was an emergency. By 4pm, I had reached KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Straight to the 24hrs clinic…which they say was an emergency. So I got my queue number and waited for my turn. The nurse checked my BP. Surprise, surprise its 125/92. She said that I must have behaved when I reached here. So another urine checks and waited for the specialist to see me. Turns out that the specialist that were supposed to see me…had said that I came after 4.30pm and her knocking off time is at 4.30pm…so she is not coming back to see me. So the other kind doctor had changed my specialist to another one. I thanked her since if that specialist is so irresponsible and blamed me for coming late when I had there 26mins earlier, I would be better off be seen by someone else. So the doctor took my BP. Its 135/93. She asked me what I did to get my BP so high at the Poly. I said nothing. I was walking slowly. So she checked for the baby’s heartbeat. Drew some blood to check for anything abnormality. Gave me medicines for my fever, cough and high BP. As I told her, rather not admit me. Therefore, my next check up would be this April. I hope it is not going to be an April fool’s joke. I would be in for my BP observation and baby scanning. They kept asking me if I have done any scanning…and I asked what scanning as what they had done was only listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Take weight, height and urine.


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  1. You’re pregnant? 😮 Congratulations !!! It’s been so long since we got any news from you !!! I’m very happy for you 😉 Hope everything goes well and that you find a nice and good specialist 😉

    Comment by Chiloe — March 30, 2009 @ 2:49 pm | Reply

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