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August 14, 2008

Down with Virus but not me…It’s the PC

Filed under: Rants — xstitcherzo @ 9:43 pm

My pc have been facing problem eversince my returned from K.L. (Malaysia). I met Emily. This is a seriously long and dramatically long overdue post as I met Em short for Emily as I love to call her on darn….I cant recall the date now…let me check my calendar…hold on people….as though there are people who reads my redundant blog anymore nowadays with me being so inactive in stitching world….ok back to the main point….let me get my calendar.

Got it….6th July Sunday…just for a quick lunch…let me steals the pic from her blog.

We took…more like Emily…took the pics while I forgotten to snap with my camera. Would get more pics next time I dropped to see her again.

Let you all on something nicest and extra sweet…She is the most charming, nicest, sweetest lady. And she does not looked her age. This is my first time….a lady actually kiss both of my cheeks. It got me wide eyed for a moment there. I am so kampung…lol

So here is Em and me….can you imagine this…I post it after 1 month. Yipes.


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