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September 15, 2007

SMO – Fridge Magnet Exchange

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I participated in a Fridge Magnet Exchange on SMO (San Man Originals) Board. This is what I stitched for my partner. Seriously speaking, I had a hard time trying to stick a magnet on to it. And to figure out how to make them was worse for me as I have no idea how it should be like or assembled.

First attempt was, trying to make it like one-half of pinkeep with another half, I wrapped the magnets in it…you know, like trying to hide them. It does not work. That darn thing refuse to stick to my fridge. And so I added more magnets on the outside of it. It sticks but does not stay long enough for me to say….ahhhh…’te-plot’

I took the picture on my brand new towel and face towel bought from Aussino. Aye! Aye Captain!!.

I wrapped everything but forget to take the picture of the notebook that I send along with others. And as usual….I did not add a card. Oh darn!! Darn it!!

This is what I send : 2 magnets, 1 batik wristlet made by me, 1 notebook (not shown here) and 1 metre of orangy organzy-like fabric.

On 2nd attempt to making them. I just wrapped it like pinkeep and stick the magnets on the outside only. Anyone have a better way to making fridge magnets…do help me. As I need to make more. And after a long while, they finally stays on the fridge. Magnets + Zohrah = weirds.

And the sad part of all….I guess she don’t like the exchange as she never replied nor leave any IM on SMO Board. I always send my package registered…so it can never be lost. And the 2nd sad part. I never get my own exchange. Bummer. That’s it…no more exchange to unknown people.


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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

    Comment by Maximus — December 20, 2007 @ 1:57 pm | Reply

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