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August 14, 2007

Children Book Read – 02

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13/08/07 at 11:30pm

Reading at the moment – John Bellairs Mystery : The Letter, the Witch and the Ring

Short summary of the book : Rose Rita Pottinger is Lewis’s friend. Lewis off to a boy’s scout camp while Rose Rita refused to go to a girl’s scout camp. She thinks is too girly for her. She likes being a boy.

Just touch teens, she has difficulty adapting to girlhood with her tomboy identity.Loves baseball. Mrs Zimmerman received a letter from her dead cousin. Inherited the farm and were told by Jonathan to check on on the ring . So off they went, Mrs Zimmerman and Rose Rita.

The farm was wrecked and Mrs Zimmerman landed in hospital. Rose Rita met a new friend, Aggie. Uncovered the deadly Solomon Ring with a devil Asmodai to call upon to grant the wearer their biddings. A black dog incarnation that fooled me too.

Mrs Zimmerman was rescued when the spell were broken that was casted by an old friend of hers.  Rose Rita never get round to wishing for that ‘wish’

A good read and much better than the previous book.


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