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August 10, 2007

Post-National Day Lazy Story

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Yesterday was Singapore’s 42nd National Day. As always like every year…I never missed the Parade…love watching the march pass…sadly this year very disappointed 😦  😦  😦 ….they are crooked and not straight and PERFECT like every year. SAD

I have this only obssession about the contigents being SUPER PERFECT during the march pass every year.

Anyway…I woke up early (yesterday’s story) around 5:37am…brushed my teeth….and listen to Harry Potter Book 7 Audiobook. Fall asleep after 1hr 15mins…woke up around 7:30 and ate breakfast alone. Everyone still asleep….I always wonder on Sunday or any other public holiday…wonder why people can sleep and still sleep late…I get restless easily. Must sleep with full know…better sleep…lol. I know it is not healthy but it sure feels better than sleeping on empty stomach.

Woke up around 8am…listen to HP till 9am….Little Monster is awake. Make a bracelet for him to keep him quiet as the moment he is awake….he could not stopped talking. Ate lunch.

Slept from 12noon to 3:30pm as I don’t want to listen to my mum over-dramatic enactments of the neighbours lives. Or any of the millions of quotations that she likes to repeats. They’ve been inprinted in my head since young. *roll eyes* And about my bad parenting skills….oh well…looked how I turned out….demented and living in fantasy world….can’t be due to my own parenting skills right!

Can’t believe…one whole day with absolutely nothing to watch on the telly. All old shows that have been repeated 10 times. Eventhough I only spend my Sundays to watch the telly….I can’t be a twit not to notice that all the shows are repeated over and over again.

After the National Day Live telecast that is cramped with more ads….I went to bed early.

One thing good though…I spend more time with Adam. 🙂


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