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June 9, 2005

Digging Up My Past

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I was going thru some of my stuffs at home (sis knows how many stuffs I have at home) And discover the previous attempts at my cross-stitch, beading and embroidery all fuse together. My UFO’s that would be completed one day (dated 2002). Now that I’ve learn the right technique to cross-stitch properly, no knots, bumps or camel humps, it would be completed.
All of them are done on DMC black aida, cut to suit a card. I’ve even bought the cards. I used to think that black is sexy and mysterious how wrong I was when it is difficult to poke thru the fabric.
Image hosted by This is done with green sequined glittery cloth meant as the vase and flowers which is supposed to be tulips are created by bullion knots.

Image hosted by Normal cross-stitch, I stopped halfway as I lost the pattern.

Image hosted by The flowers are made by lazy daisy stitch and french knots. The vase supposed to be divided into 3. 1 filled with cross-stitch, another fill with beads and can’t remember what happen to the 3rd gap.

Image hosted by Meant to be spray of roses by bllion knots but lost of interest and chuck to one side.

Image hosted by I lost the pattern ot begin with. Stitched with DMC rayon but due to inexperience and lack of patience with the weirdness of the thread, I move to next one.

Image hosted by Everything went all right, when I discover the goose have gone beyond it’s limit. Don’t feel like de-frog it so was put to sleep đŸ˜‰


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