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May 27, 2005

"Stitching Blogger’s Question" 3 in 1

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It’s time I answer all my SBQ. I’ve delayed it for 3 solid weeks…that is really a long time.
1)Given the option, would you rather buy a chart and get the material and floss together yourself, or buy a pre-packed kit?

Hmmm….I would prefer the chart as for the materials you can get it cheaply in Singapore and Malaysia. And buying a kit would burn a hole in my pocket for sure as most of them are imported. Over the months, I’ve accumulated alot of charts from magazines, online freebies and from friends. And I’ve bought my own threads years ago. I have the tendency to change the colours or match to the closest so that I don’t waste them and can just stock up what I’ve run out.
But if the kit come with special threads, fabric, beads, charms or anything that is unique. I wouldn’t mind purchasing them. Coz to gather all those would probably cost more and if I do buy them separately, it would be left unused in the end.

2)How many strands of floss do you prefer to stitch with? Why?

I prefer to work using 2 strands as I always used the loop method to give a neater backs.

3)How do you deal a “stitching slump?”

There is time, when my mind refuse to stitch anymore, so what I normally did is went thru all the other stitchers blogger and read thru what they are stitching, completed and any of their on-going projects. It gives me inspiration to start again.
If that does not work. I love reading fantasy book and I picked up where I stopped. Just waiting for Chainfire by Terry Goodkind to hit the library. Wonder where is the rest of David Eddings books in the library. And I do mini projects. Mini projects would take me a week to finish as I don’t have much stitching time. So it pushes my projects even further back. I don’t like confetti stitch and tweeding with browns. (Ed the Hedgehog from CC).
I make bracelets, rings, necklace from beads, using either plastic or swarovski crystals.


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