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May 10, 2005

Mess Up My Own Blogsite

Filed under: Rants — xstitcherzo @ 3:40 pm

Boss is having a panic attack since it’s been raining for the past few days in Singapore. Water level keep rising and construction work is progressing at a snail’s pace but the most important of all, its the Monitoring Team surveyed readings.
Well how do you proposed, we work when it is raining and the inclinometer instruments acting haywire even after send for calibration and repair.
For those in construction site, don’t buy earth movement detection equipments from the only company in Singapore…really poor service and bad workmanship. Not only they charge such a high price just to change the strap or anything.
Send in once to have the strap change as the buckle had worn off. Not only they did not change the strap but cut it shorter and slot in a $3 buckle in and charge $60. Absolutely ridiculous! I bought the strap from Spotlight at $1.63 per metre.
And when you send in for calibration, they don’t get it clean and make it nice.
Boss still in panic attack and I’ve messed up my blogsite. I was doing some house-keeping and locating them into proper places. Would tidy up later, so sorry folks. have to bear with my messy site for a moment.
Very busy at work as big Japanese guy coming to Korean company (that’s where I work) for inspection on monitoring data thus why the panic attack. Got to run.


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