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May 5, 2005

American Idol 4 – Updates

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The theme…they have 2 themes…the 1st one is from the oldies I supposed as you have Elvis Presley, George Benson and other weird songs. No offence intended except for Bo Bice choice of song, the rest I don’t think I would listen to or heard before. And Elvis is dead for those who still in denial…wacko.
2nd theme is not so bad…this week billboards…so you have plenty to choose from.
So let’s start with the 1st round, Anthony Fedorov, POISON IVY? He reminded me of what ah-bengs and ah-lians would be singing at a karaoke bar. Really terrible song choice and terrible dressing, you are not at small time talentime competition but this is seen by millions and all across the world.
Next we have the fat guy. Not so bad even if he try to change a few notes to get under Simon skin(won’t vote for him and kick him out…I don’t want an attitude Idol. You want attitude…I have plenty attitude Banglas in the office).
So what is wrong with Vonzell tonight?..Cheeky song but not cheeky enough, she set me on my nerves when she shriek…yucks.
Bo Bice, what can I say good song choice and really cool oldies rocker. He pick the song that suit his voice, the gruffness and good performance.
Carrie really good tonight even if I don’t like the song choice. Nice outfit! You go Girl.
2nd theme
Anthony really pull thru this time, it sounded so much better in ballads and really perform well. And better dressing this time. I don’t think the red suits him. It does not goes well with his hairdo and hair colour.
Fat guy nice song choice but sounded flat as though he just slipped and landed on his face.
Vonzell, terrible dress looks 20yrs older unless she is going for the looks. Like the song that she choose and good vocals but good impersonator. Nothing special about her.
Bo Bice, one more time really outdone everyone even Carrie this time. Good song, good performance and Simon is really right about him making others looks like amateur. I LOVE his dressing…all details right down to his shoes.
Carrie, girl you can’t wear round skirt..not flattering on you, no sparklies either…looks like Getai singer. Don’t like the song choice but pull thru the last end.
Its everybody game now. If American (since majority voter from there) is still tone deaf like last week, we might see the fat guy staying and Vonzell going…or Anthony going this time…who knows maybe Carrie.
As for me, I’m hoping I’m getting an American Rocker Idol this year


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