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April 28, 2005

American Idol 4 – Updates

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Great theme indeed last night – 2000. Run by me again what theme?
Carrie looks like she could be next one to be axed with the way she perform last night. To me, it was terrible and she have gone from good to bad to worse. And last night was worse. I don’t think we need a Country American Idol. Maybe it’s the songs that she picked that I can’t relate to. Her voice does not stands out or should I say the songs does not bring magic.
Then Bo Bice, WOW. Really good performance for a rock star wearing hippie top dat’s really weird-looking to me but he sings really nice last night. Love his “$600” shades really cool and good choice of song. But he is old, he is good but I wonder if at the end American would pick 29yr old man as their idol. Really tough one. The majority of audience is the teenage, I wonder would he appeal to them.
Vonzell….she is good singer but nothing magical about her. She can sings the difficult songs but like I said, is typical singer. Does not stands out, not a risk taker, no showmanship, practical dressing. Nothing interesting about her except that she can sing. If you want to sell records, you must have the x-factor that makes pple wants to buy ur cds and listen to the way you sing.
Anthony Fedorov, he is young, fun, bold and wonderful voice but with a voice coach, he can do much better. Looking and listening as he sang last night was like a yearning, really wonderful and nice feeling to it.
Constantine was ok last night. A better improvement from the previous week. Can’t we get rid of the double-chin as he looks like Mick Jagger brother. Song choice is better, way of singing definitely rocker style. Menacing look…thumbs up. Rocker with attitude.
Can’t believe it, I miss the fat guy…anyway I don’t like him so he may be kicked out today….well results is today at 4pm (Singapore Time)


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