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April 22, 2005

American Idol 4

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The reasons why I watched American Idol is to see how the brave and courageous folks go for an audition. Believe in themselves that they can sing eventhough they sounds terrible and like Simon loves to say “HIDEOUS”
Salute to those people as I would never make it thru myself, not that I sings terribly but I have stage-fright.
Believe me it is really funny, watching them sing one after another and get rejected. But then…hey it is entertainment….if you want to survive in that world, I bet your skin have to be really thick and face the criticism in a good way.
I would buy Kelly Clarkson CD, 50-50 for Ruben Studdard, NO for Clay Aiken unless his CD does not come with his face. To me, he is not appealing to look at as he likes to twitch his eyes so much. A DEFINITE NO-NO for Fantasia Barrino, I rather listen to Diana Degarmo. Why would I want to buy a CD that sounds like you pack a whole frog family in that. You should see, when they had the Xmas thingy. She scares me more than Freddy Krueger.
2nd reason why I watched American Idol bcoz of Simon. He really have the guts to tell the truth which I think is lacking in Paula, not so much in Randy Jackson. I may not know what is going on the whole scene as I am not there to watch it Live. Paula is like Ms Fake, she only tells the good thing to people even if they don’t sound good. Tell a little bit of truth or some suggestion is not going to do harm to her. And please don’t stop Simon from telling his opinion. You did yours so just shut up and listen to others for once without interrupting. I think Simon should sit thru for all the Idols competition they are having around the globe.
I watch the Indian Idol, you can’t decide as all Indians are born with melodious vocal cords. Watch Antakshiri….from the young to the old, they all have their own tunes.
Singapore Idol is like a big joke. The should seriously remove all the judges but retain Douglas O. And Gurmit Singh as Ryan Seacrest, is so Mr Yesterday news.
I would like either Constantine, Carrie or Bo Bice to win. I can buy these 3 CDs. Vonzell….not that good enough for me. Anthony Fedorov is too bubblegum..and easily forgotten like Mandy Moore, Aaron Carter…nope….And Scott…he sings well when he feels like doing it. That is an attitude artist if he actually becomes one.


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