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April 17, 2005

Stone Head

Filed under: Rants — xstitcherzo @ 2:17 pm

I woke up feeling tired and with severe head pounding. Must be from yesterday events. I was too worked up with some of the people attitudes that I flared up.
I had enough of the nonsense and trying to help others. For whatever things that they have done, they should be answerable for it.
No more Ms Nice Lady, I am now Ms Nasty. To accuse someone without finding out the whole truth, is absolute rubbish. The higher position makes a huge boo-boo affecting other people salary, why should I be a scapegoat for it. And for those seeking the answers, dare not question the culprit. Bunch of cowards. Looks like men, father a kid but hide behind a woman. Kept trying to tell the office to fire the asshole who created all the mess, but the stupid surveyor, thick in the head does not wants to admit.
Indeed I am working with a weak man.
Anyway by Tuesday, there would be changes and it would be my doing. For those who talk without using their brains would decide what happen to his own charge. They be send out to field or home. None of my concern….hahaha


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