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April 14, 2005

Ridiculous Wednesday

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Not only I woke up late…that is nothing unusual but the bus service had to breakdown just when I was going to tap out. For those who have never heard of ezlink card for Singapore transport system….well now you do. It left many people late and me extra late obviously.
The poor bus driver was trying to do something about it and call for his fellow colleagues to help. And you know what that stupid guy said…its just a matter of 80cents. Well it is not 80cents, my dear so unfriendly and not efficient middle-aged man. The stupid card would deduct more. And if you want a refund, you have to fill in the forms and wait for 3days to be refunded. Such a shame being a republic (Singapore is not a country. Its on an island detached from read the history bit) with everything up to date but to refund it takes them ages.
The episode is over…so I landed at Toa Payoh MRT and had took a cab to work. Don’t ever take the Yellow Cab as the distance is the same but somehow they manage to squeeze another 80cents out of you. I wonder if the cab-driver press the meter by themselves.
Nice chinese uncle who is deaf in one ear and have to raised his voice to ask again…AHHHH. Can you imagine that he is so well-dressed. One would suspect that he is an insurance agent in disguise but not a chance with the way he speak to me. He chase his customer away before he can say what you say hah?
Seriously a crappy Wednesday start for me. To think I have to tolerate all this nonsense. It’s not even Friday.

Cab Seat Belt
Whoever works in inspecting the cab is obviously and seriously sleeping on their job or extra skinny. I am not over-sized rhino but those strap are simply too short. They are either too short or 70% spoilt. About 10 cab I took, only 3 would pass the test. And do you think I am going to cough up the money when a traffic police stop the cab? Fat Chance
I’m a strap abiding Permanent Resident. You get to get the strap fixed once and for all. And plese send some of them to PR lesson. Even the uncle in market speak with manners and are more friendly.


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