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January 15, 2005


Filed under: Rants — xstitcherzo @ 11:35 am

Have you ever wonder what it is like to kill someone that you have hated almost all your entire life. But then killing that person is like letting him off easily. I would much prefer to torture them. But torturing is a bloody mess and time-consuming. How about engaging in someone to do the job for you but then where would be all the fun? Growing up watching all kind of murders and ways to kill and ways to know who killed. well dat part is not good, I rather not be found out.

Surprising that one can pass stupid and offensive remarks to one but it is not right for the receiving person to be upset and angry about it. What crap is dat. My sister is a crap. Well one thing for sure…she married a loser as she is still slogging even when her children is 10years old and they wished that their absolutely fat and abnoxious father were dead and dies from over-eating. Can’t blame the children to have a loser for a father. Show and tell in school….”Hey everyone, I have a loser as a father…isn’t dat great? My mum slog like a dog cum cow with no brains…should have left the damn old bugger long time ago to rot in Hell….but no she decided to stick around after 10yrs still counting and hoping that he would change. That’s my family everyone in school. And I am proud of it!”

Well can’t blame her for having a pigeon brain for her brain cell…but to call a pigeon dat is rather insulting as they are cleverer than an under-average homosapien who still doesn’t get it after so long. But then where else can u get a wife…who works longer hours than Lee Kuan Yew itself and still have time for exercise, drinks coffee like there is no tomorrow and believe all the whitening product on th market, straighten her curly hair to look like the slit-eyes chinese on street who said fair is lovely and skin cancer is the IN thing. To top it all of….you have to get stress and pressure and get blood pressure or hypertension.

Feel much better now that I let out 10% of my anger out…beats killing pple.


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