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January 14, 2005

Brain Freeze

Filed under: Rants — xstitcherzo @ 9:17 pm

Have you ever experience brain freeze? When your brain refuse to do any cross-stitching as you’ve been busy browsing the net and going thru so many webpages and reading on another person weblogs. That would be ME. So many projects to do but at the moment, IT refuse to work. I’m like a sponge soaking up on another person’s life, their wonderful FINISHED projects(need to remind myself), WIP, Stash, Strip list…must figure out mine fast as I have alot. More and more as I keep on adding to my list. more hands would be a good start…hmmmm dat means more eyes and lesser brain cells at the rate I am going. I love to change the colours …well almost all the keys dat is given for the chart. The chart should suit me rather that I suit the chart as the rate I am going I probably need to get a whole range of cabinets to store all the Anchor and DMC threads, not to mention Madeira (luckily we don’t have that in Singapore), Mill Hill beads are so expensive for 1 mini packet. I would substitute it with the local seed beads which is just as beautiful yet easy on the budget. Did I mention Kreinik threads…binding filament….is a killer…dat includes the rayon and metallic on its own. I prefer getting charts than Kit but a kit is good when u r lazy to substitute almost everything.

I just wish they open a shop selling items to cross-sticth into like the handbag mirror, the trinket, or plastic ruler, notebook holder….we get very practical things like frames and more expensive frames. Cheaper ones and nice on budget..please go to IKEA.

I wish that I am in England…where u have everything for a crazy stitcher like me to stock up on stuffs but I don’t think I can make thru the weather. Must have sun and lots of sun for me. Singapore is sunny weather all year round.


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